Rabbi Dovid Feldman Promotes Peaceful Walking Against Israel! (21.5.2023)

Rabbi Dovid Feldman Opposes Zionism with Jewish Wisdom!

‘The Neturei Karta Chasidic movement represents Judaism without Zionism. As stated Judaism does not call for a ‘Jewish State’. Judaism upholds the primacy of Law, originating as the Law of the Deity. As such it cannot submit to a State with a human authority claiming to be representative. The Prophet Samuel in Book 1 8:6-20 presents the Law opposed to a Nation like other Nations with a King.’

There is a very good Telegram Channel entitled ‘Jews, Not Zionists‘! Opposing Zionist fascism is NOT the same as opposing all Jewish people! Fascism is the enemy of us all – and Jews have been a terrible victim of it! This fact does NOT excuse fascism practiced by some misguided Jews! I join all anti-fascists (including our Jewish Comrades) in this noble fight!