IBM Ceases Operations in Russia! (7.3.2022)

We can only hope IBM will not assist the US government in processing Russians once again with IBM numbers etched on their arms! US-controlled social media, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, etc are ‘blocking’ access to content held on their platforms pertaining to the Nazi history of IBM – as well as the copious amounts of videos, photographs and written testimony uploaded by Neo-Nazi Ukrainians – by presenting blank screens ‘falsely’ asserting the enquiring individual is ‘off-line’ when it is blatantly obvious their internet access is functioning perfectly well!

The Curious Case of Yanagi Ryuken Part II (2006-2011) – Sanae Kikuta

Firstly, there is much talk in China and Japan that the 2006 fight held in the Hokkaido General Gymnasium (attracting a crowd of around 200 spectators to Sapporo) – a challenge match between 65-year-old Yanagi Ryuken (柳龍拳 – Liu Long Quan) Height 170cm, Weight 77Kg and the 35-year-old Iwakura Tsuyoshi (岩倉豪 – Yan Cang Hao) Height 165cm, Weight 76Kg, a Japanese journalist and political activist trained in Judo, Karate and Brazilian Jujitsu (that occurred on November 26th) was ‘fixed’.

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