The Time Has Come To Address ‘White Identity Politics’! (21.5.2023)

In the middle of all this ‘White identity politics’ – Hitler sits crossed-legged chanting ‘Om’ – and worshipping some type of Hindu deity! As to whether BJP fascism interfaces with Hitlerism is a study for a different time – but many ignorant Hindus mistake Hitler’s use of the Asian Swastika for meaning that he adhered to Hinduism! When Hitler was sat with the Mufti of Palestine, he was more interested in what her perceived to be the anti-Sematic elements of the Holy Qur’an – but at least the Muslims have more common sense than to associate themselves with a short, stumpy White man who apparently only possessed a single testicle – if the British school nursery rhymes are anatomically accurate! For those who adhere to the flawed concept of ‘White identity politics’ – surely a ‘humane’ alternative to the mass extermination pogroms you have already inflicted against humanity would involve a ‘self-termination’ event! Once you have carried-out this service for humanity (and sent yourself the ‘bill’ for the bullet) – then I will ‘debate’ with you! This a bit of a Schrodinger’s Cat situation – something for you to get your intellectual claws into!

YouTube: Changes to My Channel ‘Untrue Crime’ [Update]! (2.4.2023)

‘Just a quick update guys! I want to reassure my Subscribers that I in no way support left-wing politics (this is an anti-Trump lie) – and steadfastly continue to blame all the world’s ills on a) the ‘Devil’ (shout out to the ‘Vatican’ and ‘Tel Aviv’)! – and b) upon China, North Korea, Cuba and any other country that dares to pursue self-determination whilst attempting to hold the US accountable for its many crimes!

The ‘Budokan’ and Doing ‘A Beatles’! (29.3.2023) 

John Lennon had been to Japan with the Beatles about five months before he met Yoko Ono in New York. The Beatles made their first visit to Asia at the end of June 1966. They played two televised Concerts at the ‘Budokan’ on June 30th and July 1st, 1966. This is actually the ‘Nippon Budokan’ (日本武道館) located in the heart of Tokyo. The name means ‘Japan Martial Arts Training Hall’ and this venue was built and opened in 1964. Although Japan was still officially ‘Occupied’ by the US Military until 1972 (following Japan’s Unconditional Surrender during late 1945) – the Americans tolerated a certain level of right-wing Japanese ultra-nationalism amongst the population – providing it was contained to being aimed at Communist China. Yoko Ono’s family is said to have been supportive of this ‘racist’ ultra-nationalism – which she rebelled against by having relationships (and children) with ‘White’ men. At one point, Yoko Ono even allowed her husband to have an 18-month affair with his ethnic ‘Chinese’ secretary – the American-born May-Pang (龐鳳儀 – Pang Feng Yi). 

Trump’s TRUTH Social Platform! (23.4.2023)

Lunatics like Trump would quite happily nuclear-bomb Beijing if he thought he could get away with it. Where he differs from the US Establishment that created him, is that the American Bourgeoisie would like to preserve a trading status quo that it controls – keeping ‘direct’ military confrontation to a minimum – for now (a question of differing ‘styles’ whilst maintaining exactly the same ‘content’). Indirect military confrontation is another matter, as the US support for Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine is as much a proxy war against China as it is against Russia! And then there is the ‘porn star’ allegation – a rather pathetic attempt by the US Establishment at keeping a very popular Trump out of Office. If ‘morality’ really was an issue, most US Presidents would be languishing in prison for their ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ – sharing cells with Israeli leaders and perpetuators! Barack Obama, of course, would be on ‘Death Row’ for his military and political support of a Neo-Nazi take-over of Ukraine in 2014 – overhrowing the left-leaning (and democratically elected) legitimate  government of Ukraine – and for leading Canada and the Ukraine not long after in ‘rejecting’ a UN Resolution designed to criminalise the ‘glorification’ of Neo-Nazism! All of a sudden, Trump paying a pornstar $130,000 for a sexual encounter seems positively ‘honest’ by comparison – particularly when said porn star looks very similar to Trump’s ex-wife!

France: Operation Orion 23 – NATO’s Anti-Working-Class Plan! (16.3.2023) 

This is the essence of Operation Orion 23! French Defence Minister Sebastian Lecorneau said that this US-demanded simulation of major battles will involve traditional land, sea and air theatres of conflict – but will also penetrate new areas – such as cyberspace, space and the information environment. The exercises are designed to prepare the French Armed Forces to work as part of a multinational joint force in a multi-domain operation against any and all left-wing, anti-fascist and Pro-Russian uprising anywhere in Europe! President Biden congratulated the NATO planners and organisers – stating that Russia must be shown that its aggression in Donbass will not win – and anyone supporting Russia in the West will face the consequences!  

Cracker (2006): How the US Supports Terrorism! (11.2.2023)

The original series of ‘Cracker’ came to an end with a one-off ‘Special’ set in Hong Kong during the 1996 events leading to the UK handing-back the former colony to Mainland China in 1997. Ten years later, the main actor – Robbie Coltrane – was given the chance of yet another one-off episode – now involving early smart-phones and the internet! This 2006 episode is entitled ‘Nine Eleven’ and examines the US-sponsorship of international terrorism – but declared war on the very same terrorism it has supported for decades following the 911 terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Buildings in New York! Despite the US using the right-wing as a means to attack and destroy all Socialist regimes and movements – the US government provided money, arms and ammunition to the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) – a traditionally ‘left-wing’ movement which followed Marxist-Leninism during the 1916 Easter Uprising! Yes – the US provided the means for Irish terrorists to kill British soldiers patrolling the streets of Northern Ireland! So much for the so-called ‘Special Relationship’!

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