Exposing the Far-right – Putting Britain First as a UK Patriot! (17.5.2023) 

A Crash Course in White Victimhood and the Basis of White Supremacy! A ‘Myth’ and its ‘Reaction’!

As a person invested in ‘internationalism’ – I monitor the far-right internet chatter in the UK. These disempowered and misled working-class individuals spend a great deal of time accusing one another of being ‘paedophiles’ and ‘sex offenders’. This is because many of those in the British far-right have spent time in UK prisons (gaol) and have absorbed the culture of that institution. Anyone found guilty of or who is suspected of having committed a sexual offence (such as ‘rape’ between adults) is viewed as the lowest of the low – with sexual offences against children (the ‘rape’ of a child) being the lowest strata of human existence. Within UK slang such a ‘paedophilic’ offender is termed a ‘nonce’. Even so, why does the British far-right manifest this behaviour? It is because a fully functioning far-right social media platform (on something like ‘Gettr’ or ‘Telegram’) can attracted thousands of members who enthusiastically ‘purchase’ the ‘Merchandise’ associated with the ‘Group’ and ‘Individuals’ these Channel represent! This makes them feel like far-right political activists fighting for the cause of White Supremacy – when in reality they have just been shopping in a ‘risk free’ environment! 

The UK is a Land of Historical Diversity – the Resistance to Any New Arrivals is Nothing But Racial Prejudice!

There is a lot of money to be made in the murky waters of the British far-right! Although many groups exist all claiming to pursue various racist and totalitarian agendas – by and large many associated individuals simply go around placing ‘small’ stickers (carrying the emblem of their group and occasionally a ‘racist’ slogan) on the edges, sides or underneath of obscure public buildings! Many such groups are reticent to include slogans that are too overtly ‘racist’ as they are afraid of being ‘arrested’ should the Police detect their activity! Instead, these intrepid Teutonic Warriors invariably pick remote, isolated or unpopular areas to place their Neo-Nazi stickers – whilst the ‘act’ of ‘placing’ and its immediate ‘aftermath’ is both ‘photographed’ and ‘filmed’ for uploading onto their Channel! Stickers cost money – and this constitutes the main avenue of financial income for these groups, or at least the most reliable and regular income, as most people can afford a few sheets of Hitlerite stickers – and possess the ability to stick them in more or less irrelevant places least likely to attract ‘arrest’ or otherwise ‘unwanted’ Police attention! 

Ironically – Obama Was Behind Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe!

Due to the Bourgeois media openly courting the Hitlerite right – the Holy Grail that all these groups seek is the interest of the BBC, ITV or Channel Four, etc. A few minutes of exposure on regular TV or Radio grants a massive increase in foot traffic through these sites – with a corresponding (and huge) increase in the shifting of the more expensive far-right ‘Merchandise’ such as Posters, Books, T-Shirts, Sweat-tops, Baseball Caps, Cups, Keyrings and even Trainers! Donating to various charitable or legal causes is another major beneficiary of this increased foot traffic. This is important as ‘White’ people are always portrayed as being the ‘victims’ of Jews, Blacks and Asians – who control everything – an injustice which requires an endless stream of money to combat! Denting the commercial opposition is seen as far game in the world of far-right politics. These Neo-Nazi groups invariably follow Hitler’s advice of ‘fighting it out’ so that only the strong survives and rises to the top to transform Bourgeois society through an all-embracing ‘Race War’! 

Every So Often Reality and Far-Right Rhetoric Overlap!

Sabotaging one another’s fan bases (and commercial abilities) is part and parcel of life on the far-right in the UK! As there is no ‘togetherness’ or ‘internationalism’ (both products of ‘Jewish’ Marxist conspiracies) – all is open to attack! The method used is simple and straightforward. Posts are made claiming that the head of the oppositional far-right group is a rampaging ‘Paedophile’ who has ‘slept’ with his mother, sister, aunt or child, etc, and that emails (and/or ‘letters’) exist containing photographic and video evidence ‘PROVING’ these allegations correct! (This is a demonstration of the Hitlerite tactic of ‘lying’ in effect). On occasion, the allegation of ‘race-mixing’ and/or ‘homosexual’ activity is thrown into the mix to spice things up a bit! The accusers are always on the brink of ‘providing’ this evidence to the general public at any moment (keeping everyone anxious with anticipation) – whilst NEVER actually delivering on the promises of ‘exposure’ being made! This does not seem to matter just as long as the sales of opposition ‘Merchandise’ is hindered and slowed. This is the effect of ‘guilt through association’ – as no one wants to be associated with a baseball cap (or mug) that might have been designed and used by a ‘paedophile’!  

Times Were Very ‘Different’ Before WWII – and Even After It!

There is a tremendous amount of money to be made by far-right groups that make the odd post featuring a photograph of Adolf Hitler and containing a typical Neo-Nazi statement of racial aggression! Most of the time these groups steal one another’s content (a type of tolerated ‘hunting’) so that a single post originating on a specific Channel will re-appear all over the internet whilst the origin or author is never ‘referenced’! The false assumption is that it is ‘new’ and ‘original’ – when everyone has seen it before (and on many occasions). This is yet another example of the lack of intelligence and imagination on the far-right. At other times, whilst remaining continuously ‘fearful’ of ‘antifa’ (a blanket term used similar to that of the ‘Devil’ within Christianity) – many far-right groups drive deep into the remote countryside (where no ‘White’ people or ‘Immigrants’ exist) before they nervously unfurl their Hitlerite flag in front of a few indifferent trees! All are wearing masks and pretend to have just ‘returned’ from fighting in the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Units – when the reality is that their parents do not let them out much past 9 pm on weeknights! Far from conquering the world – this is how predatory capitalism has conquered and subordinated the far-right – as even their flags were brought from Amazon! 

A ‘Typical’ Example of Far-Right Merchandise!