USSR: All-Union VI Lenin Pioneer Organisation! (19.5.2022)

Therefore, most Bolsheviks (including Lenin) possessed a dim view of the Scouting Movement – declaring it thoroughly bourgeoise and decadent in nature – and seeing it as a serious encumbrance to building a Socialist State! Furthermore, even at this time, paedophilia had raised its ugly head in the Scout Movement in Russia, (following the tradition developed throughout Western Europe), which saw older men in authority sexually abusing the young boys entrusted into their care. This reflected the tradition of child abuse prevalent throughout the Protestant and Catholic Churches in the West – which was well represented throughout the priesthood of the Russian Orthodox Church! Although the children of the rich were sometimes targeted – the establishment figures preferred to also to target the children of the peasantry knowing that their parents could do nothing about it!

BBC: ‘Human Rights’ of “Azov” Neo-Nazi Volunteers Under Threat” Part II (5.12.2015)

The tone of this article suggests that the legal providing of ‘proof’ that supporters of Hitler today in the US, UK and EU-backed ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime HAVE NOT been convicted of committing of ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ – is nothing but a bureaucratic ‘inconvenience’ – that is being used to ‘hinder’ these ‘convicted’ criminals from gaining Citizenship into the Ukraine! Of course, as far as sheer BBC hypocrisy goes – this article has turned-out to be just a foreshadowing of what was to come – with a steady stream of Ukrainian ‘War Criminals’ being paraded across our TV screens and ‘sold’ to as us fine and up-standing human-beings! The BBC should be prosecuted for this disgraceful behaviour which has betrayed the British nation and the civilised Western world!

Russia: International Public Tribunal to Investigate Ukrainian (Neo-Nazi) Crimes Initiated! by Alexander Sokolov (15.3.2022)

Furthermore, the genuine ‘Ukrainian’ refugees are those already living in Russia and who have been evacuated ‘away’ from this ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi violence since 2014 – a ‘terror’ campaigned which has deliberately involved not only the rape of men and women alike – but also the despicable crime of ‘child-rape’ of which there are hundreds of examples! Indeed, the only Ukrainians ‘coming to the West’ as a result of Russia’s ‘De-Nazification’ campaign are EXACTLY these Ukrainian criminals. In other words, Ukrainian people of the worst sort are being air-lifted out of the crime-scenes they have created for themselves – and are being forcibly placed into your living-rooms (and next to your schools) in the West!

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