Battersea Park: Revolutionary Flags! (27.5.2023)

Buddhism – like Socialism – belongs to humanity! Violence in the outer world can only be ended when one dominant class stops oppressing another! Peace can only be achieved if the capitalist world (in its exploitative aspect) is vanquished and the Bourgeoisie stops resisting and oppressing Socialism! If we – as the working class – stop fighting then we abandon the field to our oppressors and encourage them to inflict an even greater injustice upon us! Genuine peace will only come when the working class siezes the mean of production! As Marx once said – peace is the state achieved when there is an absence to the process of developing Socialism! These photographs were taken at the (Japanese) Buddhist London Peace Pagoda which is situated to the North of Battersea Park!

UN: China Urges Israel to Stop Encroaching Upon Palestinian Land and Resources! (25.5.2023)

“Honouring these three requirements is also a fundamental step towards reviving the two-state solution. The international community should not just talk the talk in its support for the two-state solution, or take the support for direct Palestinian-Israeli negotiations as an excuse for shirking one’s own responsibilities,” Geng said, adding that the country with major influence on the parties concerned should make concrete efforts to advance the Middle East peace process and “should not unjustifiably prevent the Security Council from arriving at the minimum consensus on the Palestine-Israeli issue.”

Geng reiterated China’s position, indicating that the country “will continue to firmly support the Palestinian people and their just cause to restore their legitimate national rights, and support the establishment of a fully sovereign and independent state of Palestine based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Exposing the Far-right – Putting Britain First as a UK Patriot! (17.5.2023) 

There is a tremendous amount of money to be made by far-right groups that make the odd post featuring a photograph of Adolf Hitler and containing a typical Neo-Nazi statement of racial aggression! Most of the time these groups steal one another’s content (a type of tolerated ‘hunting’) so that a single post originating on a specific Channel will re-appear all over the internet whilst the origin or author is never ‘referenced’! The false assumption is that it is ‘new’ and ‘original’ – when everyone has seen it before (and on many occasions). This is yet another example of the lack of intelligence and imagination on the far-right. At other times, whilst remaining continuously ‘fearful’ of ‘antifa’ (a blanket term used similar to that of the ‘Devil’ within Christianity) – many far-right groups drive deep into the remote countryside (where no ‘White’ people or ‘Immigrants’ exist) before they nervously unfurl their Hitlerite flag in front of a few indifferent trees! All are wearing masks and pretend to have just ‘returned’ from fighting in the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Units – when the reality is that their parents do not let them out much past 9 pm on weeknights! Far from conquering the world – this is how predatory capitalism has conquered and subordinated the far-right – as even their flags were brought from Amazon!

Zionist Israel Possesses the Missile Capability to Strike the UK! (13.5.2023)

The irony is that Zionist Israel can not only militarily strike anywhere in the UK whenever it feels the need – but it can carry out this feat only because the UK has given it the ability to do so in the first place! The UK has armed a potential enemy – one that perpetuated a brutal and ruthless terrorist war against the British in Palestine during the 20th century – and which could in theory launch a missile strikes on UK targets should British policy change in support of the Palestinians, or Britain demands that all the UN condemnations of Israeli military action be taken seriously! This would require the International Community to follow the UN guidance regarding its (historical) allegations accusing Israel of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed in Palestine and various other theatres in the Middle East! These criminal activity is continuing today as I write – with more Palestinians being murdered by a vicious religiously justified regime that exists to reinforce a version of White Supremacist ideology (Zionism) that hides behind a veneer of fake victimhood!

‘HITLER UND DIE BIENEN!’ (1943) By Josef Goebbels! (11.5.2023) 

‘When I see Wasps and Hornets flying around possessing good food and living in the best dwellings whilst Bees suffer deprivation and impoverishment – I am inspired to do something about it! Yes – this I swear to you – my dear Comrades! Oh yes – these dominant populations cannot be reasoned with – they cannot even speak – but one language I am sure they understand is that of violence and force! I will take action against these undesirable populations by using different mixes of pesticides! Eradicating troublesome (competing) populations is the only way!’

Xinhua Commentary: Seoul’s Blind Pro-U.S. Diplomacy Escalates Regional Tensions-Xinhua! (30.4.2023)

However, to the disappointment of South Korean entrepreneurs, Yoon seemed to have made little progress in persuading the United States to reduce the negative impact of the two acts on South Korean companies.

“With regard to the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS and Science Act that were the core agenda (in the Yoon-Biden meeting), (Yoon) has not protected our industry and companies at all,” Lee Jae-myung, chairman of the main opposition Democratic Party, said at a party meeting on Friday.

Seoul’s blind pro-U.S. diplomacy even at the cost of its own national interests has fueled concerns among South Koreans.

“The worry is that (South Korea) is rushing into a situation where (the country) has to depend on the United States for everything,” Kyunghyang Shinmun newspaper said in an editorial on Thursday.

The editorial warned that South Korea was losing its diplomatic and security autonomy as it would be more difficult for Seoul to reject any demand from Washington.

“American Pie” only belongs to America; for others, it is nothing but pie in the sky.

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