Wikileaks and the Re-Distribution of Knowledge


Wikileaks is not a Socialist organisation, a point which can be discerned from the fact that although documents have been released regarding various and continuous abuses of power by Western, capitalist governments, at no time is the capitalist system (which gives rise to these injustices and atrocities), criticised by Wikileaks. Wikileaks is in the business of ‘re-distributing’ knowledge, but is definitely not in the business of re-distributing wealth and eradicating inequalities from within society. In this regard, Wikileaks is a thoroughly bourgeois and individualistic endeavour, which explains why the bourgeois-left British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ was complicit in assisting Wikileaks with a number of its earliest links (which attacked the government of Kenya). There is a mistaken notion at the heart of Wikileaks which assumes that without transforming the capitalist system, things can be made ‘better’ by simply sharing knowledge. This is an obviously middle class and Eurocentric view of the world, which over-prices the value of information, and ignores the fact that the systemic poverty within the capitalist system ensures an asymmetric distribution of that knowledge, which can only be accessed by the economically and culturally privileged. This smirks of bourgeois anarchy, or perhaps even Trotskyism, but certainly cannot be associated with Revolutionary Socialism. Simply telling governments what they already know is not a Revolutionary act.

What Wikileaks has achieved is the confirmation that the democratically elected governments of the capitalist world, routinely ‘lie’ and act to ‘deceive’ the very electorate that votes them into power, to a level that is so huge that it is difficult to fully comprehend in a single sitting. We can see that ‘War Crimes’ have been part and parcel of the US military presence in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and that breaking domestic and international law is routine for every US government. Of course, Wikipedia has stated that it has nothing to do with Wikileaks, and condemns its method and purpose. This is not surprising, as Wikipedia follows US government guidelines with its perpetuation of ‘fake’ history about the USSR, Palestine and China, etc. With regards to China, I have included three Chinese language articles that mention Wikileaks in the Chinese media. This exposes the lie perpetuated by Wikileaks that it is ‘banned’ in China! As a Communist State, the US (and its allies) are not allowed to use their bourgeois media outlets as a means to directly undermine the Communist Party of China (CPC), or its governance of China. As matters stand, although disruptive and inconvenient for the capitalist governments, Wikileaks remains firmly within the bourgeois, capitalist camp an is not a friend of Socialism. This is despite Wikileaks revealing US diplomatic papers proving that the supposed 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident was a media fabrication of the US and UK governments. Communist China is not interested in Western governments telling lies – as Karl Marx established this fact over a hundred years ago.

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Falun Gong Rape Cult Exposed in Henan (2014)!


Falun Gong Sexual Assault Disguised as ‘Daoism’

According to the People’s Procuratorate of Hui county, Henan province, in late September a number of netizens reported to the police that the illegal Falun Gong cult had infiltrated the QQ social media site within Mainland China, and through two different accounts, namely ‘Bright Wisdom No Doubt’ (明慧不惑 – Ming Hui Bu Huo), and ‘Wake Up to Nature’ (梦醒自然 – Meng Xing Zi Ran) – were disseminating anti-China propaganda and perverted literature misrepresenting traditional Chinese Daoist thinking and practice. These two QQ accounts were traced to a website named ‘Great Central Plains’ (大中原 – Da Zhong Yuan), which upon investigation, was found to have deliberately spread 260 cult-like articles designed to cause confusion and discontent throughout China’s peaceful and progressive society. This website had received over 160,000 hits, and had been shared around 20,000 times. On December 4th, 2013, the suspected criminal named ‘Sun Mou’ (孙某) was arrested by the investigating police. When all the evidence was presented the legal scrutiny, the People’s Procuratorate of Hui county, Henan province approved of the arrest on January 9th, 2014, the Falun Gong cultist known as ‘Sun Mou’ was formally charged with ‘rape’ and ‘fraud’ in accordance with China’s Law.

The suspect ‘Sun Mou’, (male), was born in August 1951, and lived in South Village, Chengguan Town, Hui county – and was a Falun Gong convert. Sun Mou stated that since 2001, the Falun Gong cult-leader – Li Hongzhi (李洪志) – had become his father. Li Hongzhi had ordered Sun Mou to correct as many women in China as possible, as a means to bring-down the Chinese State. Li Hongzhi stated that through an act of ‘will’, he had genetically ‘modified’ Sun Mou’s DNA, and advised him to have sexual relations with as many women as possible. Li Hongzhi (falsely) taught that through this illicit sexual contact, (which did not require the ‘consent’ of the women involved), the women in question would experience a ‘change in attitude’ toward their country, and from thereon work to undermine its government. Li Hongzhi further stated that any children subsequently ‘conceived’, would grow-up to naturally oppose the Chinese State. This behaviour was presented as a (false) version of the Daoist practice of ‘pre-natal’ (先天 – Xian Tian) Daoist self-cultivation, that granted high energy levels, and purified the women’s body (through ‘semen’ entering it). The man carrying-out this cultish ‘rape’ was said by Li Hongzhi to gain vibrant health (of body and mind), and live for a long-time. In the Zhouzhou area of Hebei, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Zhang’ (张). In the Xi’an area of Shanxi, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Gou’ (郭). In Shanghai, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Zhao’ (赵). In the Dalian area of Liaoning, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Xiu’ (修). In the Qingdao area of Shandong, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Xu’ (许). In Beijing, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Jiang’ (姜). In Beijing, two sisters surnamed ‘Zhou’ (周) were two of his rape victims. In the Fuzhou area of Fujian, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Liu’ (刘). In the Shenzhou area of Fujian, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Li’ (李). In Sichuan, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Ke’ (柯). In the Naning area of Guangxi, two of his rape victims were sisters surnamed ‘Teng’ (腾). Further police investigation has revealed at least 17 other women who have been rape victims of this latest in a line of Falun Gong criminal outrages. Sun Mou has shown no remorse and has expressed the idea that the family must be undermined to bring down the Chinese State – and instigate Li Hongzhi as the leader of the nation. In the meantime, many of those who were ‘brain-washed’ into this Falun Gong perversion were made to hand-over their property and wealth to the Falun Gong cult (currently headquartered in the USA). Many others have come forward to state that the Falun Gong training methods do not work, and actually cause bad psychological and physical health. Sun Mou has knowingly exploited tens of thousands of innocent victims – and has dishonestly received around 20 million yuan from those victims.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

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Murder: Former Colonel Russell Williams Interrogation


This interrogation of 47 year old former Royal Canadian Air Force Colonel – Russell Williams -by Detective Sergeant Jim Smyth of the Ontario Provincial Police’s Behavioural Sciences Unit.This interview took place on February 7th, 2010, between 1500hrs – 1945hrs. During that time, the police officer in-charge treated Colonel Williams with respect and deference, but slowly and surely presented the evidence the police already had, of his murderous and perverted sexual activities (in and around the Canadian military base he commanded). Of course, this is a dramatic piece of police theatre, carefully planned from beginning to end, but made to look casual and relaxed. Colonel Williams was highly experienced, and had been combat-trained to ‘resist’ interrogation if captured by the enemy. He shows this here in his relaxed manner and when confronted with apparent evidence, he remains quiet and expressionless (although he keeps his arms crossed for much of the time – usually taken to be a ‘defensive’ position). In other words, he gives nothing away at that point that the interrogator can use – but when he does re-engage – he keeps his replies factual.  However, he obviously decides that the evidence is so great against him that he decides to co-operate with the police. Although the police officer hides it well, he is unsettled by the stony silence of Colonel Williams (as ordinary civilisation do not generally behave in this manner when under such stress), because like all police interrogators, this officer is looking for a full and easy confession. Colonel Williams decides to co-operate to ‘minimise’ the effects of his crimes upon his wife. He murdered at least two women after sexually assaulting them, and committed numerous other similar sexually-related offences (some of which involved children). If the police had all the evidence prior to this ‘voluntary’ interrogation, then surely they would have just arrested Colonel Williams instead of giving him a chance to ‘voluntarily’ come forward? Why waste time with a charade of an interview that could have gone wrong if the suspect refused to admit anything? Police do not generally show such deference to their suspects if they possess all the evidence. Suspects are generally arrested and charged with as little fuss as possible.  One issue is that Colonel Russell Williams was in fact born in Britain, before his English parents emigrated to Canada when he was a young child. His rank was revoked and he was immediately dishonourably discharged from the Canadian military with his uniform ‘burned’ and his medals revoked and destroyed, when his crimes were revealed.  In the subsequent court-case it was revealed that Williams took extensive photographs of himself at the crime scenes – often wearing the underwear of his victims.



Rightwing Fox News Supports Mike Tyson

Fox News is a despicable rightwing, bourgeois, capitalist supporting commercial entity, that is responsible for the sustaining and perpetuation of ‘White’ racism in the USA.  Fox News also supports the racist Republican Party, and has supported virtually all neo-colonial military activity perpetuated by the US Government both within and outside the USA.  Fox News revels in warmongering around the world, and has taken the lead in perpetuating anti-Chinese racism, and the continuous misrepresentation of Communist China.  Fox News is a class enemy of the people, and yet in this documentary, the case is made that Mike Tyson was a victim of a lying woman who wanted to make money and gain fame from her association with him.  I have read legal papers some years ago that also cast doubt on the victim’s assertions, and it seems that Mike Tyson – despite being rich at the time – was betrayed by Don King, and his own legal team.  Mike Tyson was the victim of Black ‘capitalist’ greed and the very ‘White’ racism that Fox News perpetuates, even though Fox News above has climbed on the bandwagon to suggest that he might have been ‘innocent’.  There is much to suggest that this conclusion is ‘true’ and that the White established – which has always feared the ‘Black Man’ (just see the 1933 film ‘King Kong’) – was looking for a reason to bring-down the ‘frightening’ (to ‘White’ people) former (and awesome) heavyweight champion of the world. According to three female witnesses, that the alleged victim was all-over Mike Tyson and had confided in a friend that she was going to have sex with him. It seems that Mike Tyson was the victim of a greedy ‘Black’ woman in the US, whose own testimony was full of holes, contradictions and inconsistencies.  Of course, rape is absolutely wrong, and I condemn any and all aspects of such a despicable crime (whether it happens to men or women), but the weight of evidence in this case suggests that Mike Tyson was innocent and the victim of a Black woman’s greed and a White, racist establishment that wanted to get rid of him.

Class Defines Moral Worth.

The British rightwing media has whipped itself into frenzy after frenzy of moral indignation regarding, what it considers to be the steady decline in the standards of psychological and physical behaviour exhibited by the general population of the country.  The term ‘general population’, of course, refers to what is perceived as an ever-increasing population of people of working class origination, who, through the improvement in social conditions – influenced by the socialist development of the Welfare State, trade unions, a National Health Service, universal suffrage, and free education, etc – has undergone an improvement in social conditions hitherto unseen in the history of the UK.  Many working class people live lives that outwardly appear ‘middle class’, but with none of the pretentious trappings usually associated with such an economically privileged upbringing.  There are even some immensely wealthy business people whose financial power puts them on a par with members of the upper class.  However, despite the improvement in income for many, poverty still exists throughout UKsociety, and with a continuous rightwing assault on the socialist reforms of 1948, that poverty is now increasing and getting worse.  The so-called ‘reforms’ themselves are actually ‘cuts’ in the socialist system that has thoroughly enhanced UK society since the end of WWII.  These cuts are designed to turn back all the socialist achievements, and in so doing, reduce the success and educational levels of the working class, and thus to ensure a return to a definite and easily definable British class system, whereby the middle class do the bidding of an upper, who both conspire to exploit one another, whilst maintaining a blanket oppression over the most populous class in the country.  For this to happen, the middle and upper classes must re-enforce one another’s claim to legitimacy (i.e. mutually ‘exploit’ one another’s social needs), whilst conspiring to prevent the working class from developing an awareness about itself and where it fits in within its society, and in so doing prevent any large scale political uniting that would achieve socialist ends.  For this oppression to succeed the workers must be deprived of the means to be educated, and of the kind of economic social stability the middle and upper classes enjoy through access to their accumulated wealth – for the workers, this corresponds to a fully functioning Welfare State, etc.

Where has this wealth originated for the middle and upper classes?  From decades of the exploitation of the very workers that they seek to disempower and keep in a state of social and economic arrested development.  This kind of oppression is system-wide and ‘total’ in its application.  The middle and upper classes perceive themselves as ‘special’ because of the mythology they construct for themselves, through and around their wealth.  It is an assumption of this mythology that their wealth has ‘always been’, in a type of god-given situation, or that it has been required through a ‘superior’ effort of will that is equally divine in nature.  God is believed to favour those who socially dominate, because such social domination is believed to be ‘god’s will’.  Of course, what is actually missing is the true history of how the wealth and social position was obtained, and the real extent of the ruthless exploitation of the masses that occurred to achieve such social and economic dominance in the first.  In effect, the wealth and socially powerful positions have been quite literally ‘stolen’ from the people themselves, and then used against the people who have suffered the theft!  This is a world of fairy-tale truths that uplift some people into castles in the sky, over the emaciated bodies of those who have paid the real social and psychological consequences for such a fictitious lifestyle to exist.  Part of the ‘faith’ of the mythology of the middle and upper classes is the innate assumption of a pristine moral authority, whereby the middle and upper classes are believed to have been ‘born’ possessing a superior spirit, (touched by the grace of god), a clever mind and a more robust body.  All this is the mistaken understanding acquired through the apparent stability their wealth and social position entails in the physical world.  The massed booty of decades of exploitation is misinterpreted into some kind of religious purity and superior spiritually and social standing.  This leads to an interesting phenomenon which can be witnessed throughoutUKsociety, which involves the interpretation and presentation of how so-called ‘immoral’ behaviour is reported within the rightwing press.  The following article appeared in the Daily Mail inspired London Metro – a free newspaper that is distributed throughoutLondon’s extensive travel network:

London Metro Newspaper - 17.1.12

As is usual with a story of this nature, when reported by the rightwing press it is relegated away from the front page and consigned to the right-hand margin of page 9, with its relevancy as an example of potential moral degradation further reduced as a consideration in the mind of the reader, by being placed next to a lightweight story about a deer who has got its antlers entangled in some green netting, (much hilarity is implied by the rightwing journalist, who draws, through this article, the readership’s attention to the similarity between the netting and the ‘natty’ dreadlocks worn by Rastafarians), and just above a story regarding the re-call of a well known car.  The London Metro (like the Daily Mail) is usually very quick to condemn those accused of any kind of sexual deviancy, even before a trial has taken place.  Here, the rightwing newspaper offers no comment whatsoever, but instead of condemnation for the situation contained within the report itself, it is content to very carefully, and sensitively report the story from the viewpoint of the acquitted accused, making sure that every part of his story is explained without error or omission.  The former accused is of course the son of the Earl of Mansfield and is known as ‘The Honourable James Murray’.  The London Metro is very much at pains to inform the reader of the social status of the acquitted man – indeed he is referred to as ‘AN ARSTOCRAT’ – all in capital letters, in the first words of the first line of the article.  This is to inform the reader that what follows, no matter how disturbing or deviant, is to be considered in a substantially different light, than where the acquitted a member of the working class.  Essentially the story is that the acquitted had underage teenage people in his place of abode – as a routine occurrence, it seems – and then had sexual intercourse with a girl aged just 16 years old.  Although she is at the age of consent under UK law, Police in the UK have been known to charge adults for various sexual crimes, when acts between substantially older adults (and young adults), have been known to have occurred, even with the ‘consent’ of the 16 year olds involved.  In this instance, the 16 year old girl involved, reported to the Police that she had been groomed by the acquitted accused, before being actually ‘raped’.  The acquitted accused is 42 years old, and explained to the court that the alleged victim ‘installed’ herself, (along with her friends), in hisOxfordflat.  The acceptance of this defence by the Court and the jury effectively absolves the acquitted accused of any and all responsibility.  This presents the acquitted accused as if he were a ‘victim’ of his own life.  In the light that he drove this girl are her friends everywhere, and considering that after the sexual incident occurred, he text (and ‘phoned’) ‘sorry’ 21 times, the jury decided that this fine and upstanding pillar of the community is ‘not guilty’ of the crimes of sexually grooming children, or raping a girl of 16 years old.

The London Metro paints an unquestioning picture of a girl who is socially (and morally) out of control, and who, through her unwarranted and apparently unwanted behaviour, managed as a child, to dominate and control an adult person’s life.  Not only this, but her allegations of ‘grooming’ and ‘rape’ are further proof of her corrupted personality, because of the purity of the person she is aiming her allegations toward.  The London Metro refers to the acquitted accused as an ‘IT Specialist’, and an ‘Old Etonian’, and never once offers any criticism of any kind of either the trial or its outcome.  There is absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for the alleged victim, but an obvious appreciation and demonstrated deference to a person who the London Metro (and the Daily Mail) would usually extol as an example of everything that is ‘good’ and ‘great’ about Britain, alleged sexual deviancy not withstanding.  This kind of reporting, and the bourgeois morality it presents actually has the effect of ‘dumbing down’ the audience, so that ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ becomes so implicitly entwined with class privilege that the notion of ‘justice’, as an independent and valid concept, has no objective value whatsoever.  The implication of the reporting contained within the above London Metro newspaper is that the social standing of this person precludes any such notions that he could be guilty of any crime – as such barbaric behaviour is beneath both him and his class – particularly that of a sexual nature.  Furthermore, this article turns justice on its head, and clearly presents the alleged victim’s behaviour as ‘inferior’, ‘devious’, and prone to ‘lying’ – in other words, she represents everything the nobleman does not.  This is the essence of the mythological difference between the middle and upper classes, and the working class.  The son of the ‘Earl’ represents privilege and wealth, whilst the allegations of the girl represent the envious working classes who are thought to huddle in plotting groups around the gated communities of the privileged.  The jury, riddled with bourgeois class indoctrination, obviously produced a verdict very much in accordance with such thinking, indeed such is the power of the historical conditioning, it had no choice.


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