I acquired this article NOT from a Russian news outlet – but rather from the “Official” Telegram Channel of the “Ukraine National Police!! The West and Central areas of Neo-Nazi Ukraine are peaceful and awash with US, UK and EU “free” money – which means that nobody needs to “work” and foreigners are everywhere enjoying this decadent existence! The Neo-Nazi Ukrainian State has encouraged this decadence – but since the production of Child Paedophile Pornography has become an epidemic – Western paedophiles and perverts have been flocking to “Maidan” Neo-Nazi Ukraine! This reality has been noticed by the hypocritical Western governments – who have instructed the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian government to “crack down” on this terrible and deficient criminal behaviour which is typical of the Neo-Nazi far-right!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Alexander Doniy (Александр Доний) – Right-Wing Radical! (23.5.2023)

These walls of Neo-Nazi “Self-Defence” were actually referred to (behind the scenes) as ‘Porno Barricades”! This involved naked young ladies with their bare bodies covered in Neo-Nazi emblems and phrases such as “Will – or Death!” – stringent concepts to be “projected” onto Ukrainian society without mercy! Whilst all this was going on – Alexander Doniy – would stand on the side-lines (picking his nose) and “pretending” that the world he had constructed and brutally controlled – was unfolding around him almost by accident! All “Classic” components of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Independence Movement:

1) Spectacle

2) Debauchery

3) Lawlessness

4) Murder

Exposing the Far-right – Putting Britain First as a UK Patriot! (17.5.2023) 

There is a tremendous amount of money to be made by far-right groups that make the odd post featuring a photograph of Adolf Hitler and containing a typical Neo-Nazi statement of racial aggression! Most of the time these groups steal one another’s content (a type of tolerated ‘hunting’) so that a single post originating on a specific Channel will re-appear all over the internet whilst the origin or author is never ‘referenced’! The false assumption is that it is ‘new’ and ‘original’ – when everyone has seen it before (and on many occasions). This is yet another example of the lack of intelligence and imagination on the far-right. At other times, whilst remaining continuously ‘fearful’ of ‘antifa’ (a blanket term used similar to that of the ‘Devil’ within Christianity) – many far-right groups drive deep into the remote countryside (where no ‘White’ people or ‘Immigrants’ exist) before they nervously unfurl their Hitlerite flag in front of a few indifferent trees! All are wearing masks and pretend to have just ‘returned’ from fighting in the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Units – when the reality is that their parents do not let them out much past 9 pm on weeknights! Far from conquering the world – this is how predatory capitalism has conquered and subordinated the far-right – as even their flags were brought from Amazon!

Panama (2014) – Why Do White People Possess a Terrible Sense of Direction (Spanish Sources)? (4.5.2023)

Overtime, however, the emphasis was usually toward voluntary mixing – although large (and remote) areas of Panama still retain tribes of indigenous people who avoid any prolonged contact with outsiders. Today, White Europeans (and their American counterparts) tend to possess a demeaning attitude toward what they perceive to be the ‘inferior’ non-White Panamanian population. This attitude of utter disrespect was compounded by the 1989 US invasion of Panama and the overthrow of its Cuba-friendly government (the local people have been forced by the US to abandon their pro-Cuba and pro-Socialist attitudes). As a consequence, many indigenous people talk of the US soldiers raping, torturing and killing the local population. This is why many Panamanian people recent all White Americans – particularly as such individuals treat Panama in much the same way that they treat Costa Rica – as a place for cheap sex tourism and the filming of pornographic movies. As usual, women and girls are the victims.

Spirit Writing: Channelling GG Allin! (27.4.2023)

Leave me alone! Look at my bone! Come near – but watch out for my bad snatch-itude! 

(Knock drums over) 

We will raise hell wherever we are! It doesn’t matter where! 

Don’t talk at me whilst I pee! English punk is full of c’nt! Talk out of your punk! The only language I understand! Other than Anustani! 

Get back to where you are coming are from! The Beatles were racist – but not me! 

Fuck, fuck and fuck! There, that should do it! I need a nap now – I’m 66 and tired of impersonating The Clash!

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