Neo-Nazism: Exposing the Hitlerite Origins of White Lives Matter (WLM) Propaganda Imagery! (31.5.2023)

The fact that Veterans of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) routinely (and proudly) advertise the fact that they are fighting in the military Forces of Neo-Nazi Ukraine demonstrates that this internecine conflict can be overcome for the betterment of the race! After-all, if anyone doubts that Zionism is a form of “White Supremacy” – the 1975 UN ruling can be accessed together with the multitude of UN accusations of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity aimed at Zionist Israel! This will include the assassination of a UN envoy in 1948, the continuous and ongoing land-grabs depriving Palestinians of their homeland, the Israeli (Terrorist) Bomb Plots in Egypt in 1956, the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, the continuous Israeli murder of Palestinians and their supporters (such as Rachel Corrie), and Israel’s ongoing blanket-bombing of Syria! For Israel, especially the Europeans (who are NOT genetically “Semite”) – certainly their ‘White Lives Matter’ – far more than those of the non-White Palestinians!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: How I Discovered the “Russian Volunteer Force”! (27.5.2023)

Whilst researching the far-right political presence on the Telegram App – I was directed to the above Channel entitled ‘卐Ku Klux Klan NS卐’ (‘卐Ku Klux Klan Neo-Nazi卐’) – but creatively written (including the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Swastika) as can be seen from the photograph at the very top of this page! As can be further understood – this fascist Channel is written primarily in the ‘Persian’ language. Supporters of Zionist Israel often perpetuate this ‘trick’ to give the false impression that the beleaguered Palestinians (and perhaps the ‘Iranians’) – whilst courting the political ‘left’ against the Zionist Occupation – in fact supposedly ‘support’ the political far-right! It is also an important point to recognise that not all Zionists are Israeli and that the political far-right in the West (comprised of ‘Catholics’ and ‘Protestants’) also routinely supports the Zionist Cause!

Exposing the Far-right – Putting Britain First as a UK Patriot! (17.5.2023) 

There is a tremendous amount of money to be made by far-right groups that make the odd post featuring a photograph of Adolf Hitler and containing a typical Neo-Nazi statement of racial aggression! Most of the time these groups steal one another’s content (a type of tolerated ‘hunting’) so that a single post originating on a specific Channel will re-appear all over the internet whilst the origin or author is never ‘referenced’! The false assumption is that it is ‘new’ and ‘original’ – when everyone has seen it before (and on many occasions). This is yet another example of the lack of intelligence and imagination on the far-right. At other times, whilst remaining continuously ‘fearful’ of ‘antifa’ (a blanket term used similar to that of the ‘Devil’ within Christianity) – many far-right groups drive deep into the remote countryside (where no ‘White’ people or ‘Immigrants’ exist) before they nervously unfurl their Hitlerite flag in front of a few indifferent trees! All are wearing masks and pretend to have just ‘returned’ from fighting in the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Units – when the reality is that their parents do not let them out much past 9 pm on weeknights! Far from conquering the world – this is how predatory capitalism has conquered and subordinated the far-right – as even their flags were brought from Amazon!

‘HITLER UND DIE BIENEN!’ (1943) By Josef Goebbels! (11.5.2023) 

‘When I see Wasps and Hornets flying around possessing good food and living in the best dwellings whilst Bees suffer deprivation and impoverishment – I am inspired to do something about it! Yes – this I swear to you – my dear Comrades! Oh yes – these dominant populations cannot be reasoned with – they cannot even speak – but one language I am sure they understand is that of violence and force! I will take action against these undesirable populations by using different mixes of pesticides! Eradicating troublesome (competing) populations is the only way!’

Latvia: The 1941 Dalliance with Hitler! (10.5.2023)

Some of these pictures show small numbers of Latvian people in ‘staged’ propaganda photographs which were designed for consumption within (domestic) Nazi German Newspapers! The German people were falsely led to believe that their (fascist) troops were ‘welcomed’ everywhere they went – with the mass-killings not shown at all! The large picture (immediately above) features representatives of the ‘Lithuanian Auxiliary Police’ – who are transporting a group of Latvian Jews (who were opposed to the Nazi German Occupation) for mass execution in Vilnius – an ‘action’ which took place during July, 1941. The top-right picture records the rounding-up of pro-Soviet Jews for mass execution by members of the ‘Latvian Auxiliary Police’ – who were operating in ‘Liepaja’ – also during July, 1941!

Is US Intel Leak “Preparing” Western Public for U-Turn on Ukraine? (15.4.2023)

Teixeira was granted Top Secret security clearance in 2021 and was said to have begun posting classified information online since December 2022, according to an affidavit submitted by investigators.

The U.S. government has been left in an awkward position in what is believed to be potentially the worst intelligence breach in a decade, partly because the revelation made clear Washington’s deeper-than-perceived involvement in the day-to-day development of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and exposed continued U.S. spying on its allies.

Amid the embarrassing fallout of the incident, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who until April 6 had been unaware of the leak, ordered a review of the “intelligence access, accountability and control procedures” within the department, according to a statement released Thursday evening.

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