Sutton: Our Red Flag of Freedom Out and About! (14.5.2023)

The Red Flag of Freedom!

Whilst traversing the streets of Bourgeois Sutton (and Cheam) – as we seem to live on some type of ‘border-line’ – I kept the Red Banner of Freedom handy! This is the one that has a ‘Number 5’ stencilled by our children on the reverse side – just like the Soviet Red Army Flag raised above the Reichstag during late April and early May – 1945! We researched the ‘real’ flag which is held in a Russian museum and learned exactly where this ‘5’ is located – before carefully replicating its position on our version! Thousands of these flags were issued to the Soviet Red Army as the Offensive upon Berlin was initiated – with each flag carrying a unique production number! This was used to trace ‘where’ and ‘when particular Soviet Red Army Units penetrated into Nazi German controlled territory! The last of the elite SS Regiments (mostly comprised of Scandinavian ‘Volunteers’) put up the most stringent of fanatical resistance – hell-bent upon proving Hitler’s theory about ‘race’ (which Hitler used to replace the theory of ‘class’ as perpetuated by Marx and Engels) was right! Of course, like Hitler himself, this theory failed miserably and the Soviet Red Army eventually triumphed over the dark forces of World Fascism!