Short Lecture – Explaining the Victory Banner of the USSR (1945) 

The Hammer denotes the ‘Proletariat’ or the Industrialised Workers who work in factories – whilst the Sickle represents the ‘Agricultural’ Workers who work the land and participate in farming! Prior to this ‘1918’ design, older versions of this flag (sometimes seen in Eire), are comprised of a ‘Hammer’ (Proletariat) and a ‘Plough’ (Farmers)!

Deciphering and Translating the Cyrillic-Text on the ‘Victory Banner’! (23.4.2022)

The purpose of the inscription was to record this momentous occasion and the Red Army Units involved in achieving it! This was a natural process carried-out ‘on the ground’ by the military staff and personnel ‘in theatre’ and had nothing to do with the Central Committee in Moscow. Indeed, it was only later that the Red Banner of Victory would be ‘officially’ adopted and ‘Endorsed’ by the Communist Party following a debate and a vote!

DPR: Communists Laid Flowers At The Monument to VI Lenin! (22.4.2022)

The symbol of the struggle for the interests of our peoples, as in Lenin’s time, is the Red Flag! Boris Litvinov said that since the morning of April 22 he has received numerous calls from Communists and their supporters, who at that time are defending Lenin’s legacy on the battlefields against Neo-Nazi armed gangs. Comrades sent congratulations on the 152nd birthday of VI Lenin and asked to convey the soldiers’ belief in the imminent victory to all residents of the Donbass! On this day of celebration, all the callers emphasized that the Red Flags – the flag of victory and the Red Flag with the star – excite the soldiers at the fronts.

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