Latvia: The 1941 Dalliance with Hitler! (10.5.2023)

The Latvian Collaboration with Fascism – Recorded in Photographs!

The above is an example of two bilingual Nazi German propaganda posters (erected in 1942) in the Northern Lavian city of ‘Šiauliai’! The two posters are designed to instruct the Latvian population about what it is they are now expected to ‘think’. Ironically, since 1991, this Hitlerite thinking has now become State ‘Creed’ in a manner it neither achieved during the Nazi German Occupation of Latvia (it is not uncommon for ‘Latvia’ and ‘Lithuania’ to use one another’s designations – as both peoples are historically related). The two signs read:

a) ‘1941-1942 – Liberated Lithuania continues the struggle against Bolshevism!’ (Išvaduota Lietuva tęsia kovą su bolševizmu)

b) ‘1941-1942 – We are grateful to our liberator – Adolf Hitler!’ (Esame dėkingi mūsų išvaduotojui Adolfui Hitleriui)

The Nazi Germans Used All forms of Media to Give the False Impression of Their Own Popularity!

This is a photograph of a ‘Unit’ of Latvian (Fascist) ‘Volunteers’ taken in Riga – prior to their departure to the Russian Front! This may look impressive – but this is all the men collected (or ‘forced’) into fighting for Nazi Germany from across the entirety of Latvian territory! The inscription on the building reads in the German language:


This translates as the ‘German State Museum’ – as ALL Latvian culture was converted (in a subservient manner) to ‘serve’ the cause of Hitlerism! Today, the Latvian population is proud of this subservience – and has simply re-named this building as the ‘National Museum of Art – October 21st – 1941’ – in celebration of the Nazi German invasion and take-over!

Some of these pictures show small numbers of Latvian people in ‘staged’ propaganda photographs which were designed for consumption within (domestic) Nazi German Newspapers! The German people were falsely led to believe that their (fascist) troops were ‘welcomed’ everywhere they went – with the mass-killings not shown at all! The large picture (immediately above) features representatives of the ‘Lithuanian Auxiliary Police’ – who are transporting a group of Latvian Jews (who were opposed to the Nazi German Occupation) for mass execution in Vilnius – an ‘action’ which took place during July, 1941. The top-right picture records the rounding-up of pro-Soviet Jews for mass execution by members of the ‘Latvian Auxiliary Police’ – who were operating in ‘Liepaja’ – also during July, 1941!