Reddit: “The Main Feed” – How Anti-Russian Propaganda Works in the West! (1.9.2019)

There are countless examples of duplicate news items presented in this manner on the US-controlled internet! These negative narratives are not new and can be traced in the ‘fake’ manner in which the West has misrepresented the history of not only Soviet but also Czarist Russia! It is an absurdity of ‘reading’ implications into events that are irrelevant and just do not exist! An event might be “factual” but is presented in a “fictitious” manner as a means to manipulate the thought processes of the intended audience toward a certain, desired and preferred interpretation (regardless of what is really happening)!

The Only Ukrainians Leaving the Ukraine are Neo-Nazi War Criminals! (16.3.2022) 

As Russia is helping those Ukrainians who need supplies and support – there is nowhere for the millions currently be raised in the West by so-called charities to go other than in the pockets of those perpetuating the lies! Most Ukrainians are not in distress and do not expect any help from the West – most (if not all) certainly do not want to relocate to the West. Only those attempting to escape War Crimes Trials are desperately trying to get out of the Ukraine – a country they have attempted to systematically destroy over the last eight years! When I checked the criminal background of the 10,000 Ukrainian members of the SS Galicia Division from WWII – whom Churchill allowed to be secretly resettled in Scotland – I discovered that many were wanted by the Soviet Authorities for ‘child rape’! These men, who pretended to be Polish refugees, were allowed to live amongst an unsuspecting Scottish population! This is the price we will pay yet again due to a dishonest and habitually lying media!  

US Drone Wars Over Ukraine – RQ-4 Global Hawk & MQ-9A Ripper Models Spotted Over Snake Island!

All prisoners of war remained safe and sound. Konashenkov also said that during the attack on Ukrainian ships, drones used by the United States were flying over them. In particular, these were RQ-4 “Global Hawk” MQ-9A “Ripper” models, which suggests that it was American drones that coordinated the actions of boats in a sea battle.

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