Latvia: Red Partisan Memorial Destroyed by Neo-Nazis! (10.5.2023)

Throughout US-Dominated Eastern Europe – a Policy of Destroying ALL Soviet Red Army Commemorative Statues is in Effect! Neo-Nazi Ukraine Has Been Carryout this Barbaric Practice with the Support of the US, UK and EU!

I am reliably informed that this Soviet Statue – Commemorating the Bravery of the ‘Red Partisans’ in the Face of Nazi Germany Aggression – was destoryed around October 23rd, 2022!

This particular Soviet Statue used to stand in the Latvian city of – Balvi – situated in the Latgale (Latgalia) area of Eastern Latvia (a Roman Catholic dominated-enclave controlled by the Vatican). It was part of a substantial Monument construction process carried-out by the post-WWII ‘Socialist’ government loyal to the USSR. The Soviet Red Army had ‘Liberated’ this country at great cost from the Nazi German Occupiers and their Latvian Collaborators! Part of this task of ‘Liberating’ the oppressed Latvian population fell upon the outstanding activities of the ‘Red Partisan’ Detachment – an ad hoc Marxist-Leninist formation that fought all-over Europe and within Asian territories during WWII – although in China this war began much earlier against Imperial Japan – during 1931! All that can be done is to ‘record’ these wonderful Monuments to Freedom – and when this new generation of Neo-Nazis are finally destroyed – those who carried-out these crimes can be bought to justice and these structures can be replaced with bigger and better representations dedicated to Huma Freedom and the endless ability to Resist Tyranny!

Even the ‘Resistance’ Throughout Western-Europe was Dominated by the Communist Party!