France: The Under-Reported Mass Protests Againt US and EU Policy in Neo-Nazi Ukraine! (2.5.2023)

It is interesting to observe how the International (Bourgeois) media can choose to fabricate narratives and stories (such as those seen with regards to Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine) – and to spread these false stories without hesitation or hindrance around the world – whilst simultaneously ‘shutting off’ details of actual news events (as they happen), preventing important class-related data from permeating out of one country and into another (the UK is immediately adjacent to France and yet the British media is acting like ‘nothing is happening’ in France)! In fact, a very large ‘Anarchist’ (Black bloc has formed and is on the march in Paris!

A large black bloc has formed in Lyon. Many umbrellas are out as police drones hover over the protest!

This is class politics in action. The Bourgeois media will not assist the interests of the working class in anyway! This is a clear indication of which class controls the means of production in the West – and which class does not! In this case, the Proletariat of France has taken to the streets and has been fighting (for several months) against the French government’s refusal to stand up to the US and say ‘NO’ to the Biden’s bullying tactics! These are the US foreign policies used against Russia and America’s unconditional support for the Neo-Nazi Junta that currently occupies Kyiv and West (Catholic) Ukraine! I am told that the Socialists and Communists are also out in force on the streets of Paris!

Police catch fire after throwing a molotov cocktail in Paris. Extremely tense situation. A very large black block has formed. (LucAuffret/HQ)

The anti-Russian sanctions are not hurting Russia – but are hurting the rest of the world outside of the US! Meanwhile, eight million Ukrainian Neo-Nazi ‘Refugees’ have spread out across Europe – with the US demanding that they must all be given free housing, money, cars, jobs and healthcare – whilst indigenous Europeans go without! These Hitlerites are infiltrating our communities and our schools – and we are told by the US that this is a price we must pay! Well, the French working class are carrying out protest actions the working class of Europe fully support – and will soon be joining if things do not change! Many of the European working class support Russia’s self-defence war in East Ukraine! We say down with the US and Neo-Nazi Ukraine! 

Scenes of chaos in the streets of Paris with extremely intense clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement. (Jules Ravel)