Confucius Opposes Killing (My Translation) – Analects Book 12 – Chapter 19

Confucius Opposes Killing  季康子问政于孔子曰:“如杀无道,以就有道,何如” 孔子对曰:“子为政,焉用杀?子欲善而民善矣。君子之德风,小人之德草,草,上之风,必偃。”  Confucius: Analects – Book 12 – Chapter 19  Ji Kangzi asked Confucius about the nature of politics: ‘Is it not a matter of

President Xi: China Respects its Socialist Intellectuals (24.4.2017)

Leading cadres at all levels should be good at dealing with intellectuals and develop close friendships with intellectuals. Intellectuals should be trusted to make important and major decisions, and cadres should seek advice and suggestions from intellectuals. Opinions and criticisms from intellectuals, as long as the starting point is dialectically correct, must be warmly welcomed, and actively adopted.