Lebanon: The Story of ‘Martyr’ Ahmad Qasir (أحمد قصير) [1963-1982]

In his village language, the martyr’s father sums up Ahmad’s vision of the Zionists by saying, “What tried to take away from his mind – he would not let them take!” Ahmad was always in the Resistance even as a boy – and he was martyred at the age of 18 only – in an operation in which he killed more than 140 Zionist Officers and Soldiers! He truly carried the tendency of the Resistance since his childhood, says his father. In his day, the martyr had a vegetable store that he ran, but he refused to sell to the Israelis. Whenever they came to the shop, Ahmad quickly closed the door, saying: “We do not sell to the Israelis.” That young man who astonished the world with his operation, and who plunged the Zionists into mourning for its dead, has always fought battles against the Occupation Forces in his town, as the operations at that time were almost daily.

India: Hilarious ‘BJP’ Anti-Russian Disinformation Video About Ukraine! (8.3.2022)

The ‘BJP’ fascist government has instructed its media in India to mimic the racist misrepresentation of Russia as perpetuated by the Western media! There is a very strong ‘comical’ element to it as it is so stupid and devoid of reality! Instead of mindlessly copying the West – the BJP government should be concentrating on feeding its starving population and rescuing the people from religious ignorance!