Poland: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Axe-Man Takes to the Streets! (5.4.2023)

Indeed, a fine example of Hitlerite manhood stripped down to his underwear (in true US superhero style) and began to swing an axe around whilst threatening to decapitate attending Police Officers! Once a sizable crowd had gathered (involving members of the Press) – he took the opportunity to forcibly complain about the free house and car he had been given on arrival – as it is nowhere near ‘big enough’ to meet his future needs! Why is this – you might ask yourself? Well, you see he intends to bring ten of his relatives to join him in Poland in the near future – and he does not want to work for a living!

France: The Under-Reported Mass Protests Againt US and EU Policy in Neo-Nazi Ukraine! (2.5.2023)

This is class politics in action. The Bourgeois media will not assist the interests of the working class in anyway! This is a clear indication of which class controls the means of production in the West – and which class does not! In this case, the Proletariat of France has taken to the streets and has been fighting (for several months) against the French government’s refusal to stand up to the US and say ‘NO’ to the Biden’s bullying tactics! These are the US foreign policies used against Russia and America’s unconditional support for the Neo-Nazi Junta that currently occupies Kyiv and West (Catholic) Ukraine! I am told that the Socialists and Communists are also out in force on the streets of Paris!

DPRK: The Glory that an Ordinary Farmer Received! (31.3.2023)

In December of that year (107-2018), ahead of the 4th National Agricultural Sector Experts Conference – the Respected General Secretary recalled the fact that he once stopped the car next to the rice paddy field in Iram-ri (on the road travelling through Yangdeok County) a few months ago – and learned about the rice crop from the humble farmer! He remembered that this was a paddy field where an ordinary Farm Unit Worker served the People as “Foreman” – assuring that the wisdom and ‘dialectical’ experience of age was responsible for cultivating the rice!

After this humble farmer explained (with great kindness) how he cultivated the field and cared for the rice (assuring a good harvest) – the Respected General Secretary “invited” this old farmer to “attend” the National Agricultural Sector Conference – considering he had proved himself an “expert”!

Tears of gratitude and passion flowed endlessly from the farmer – who was named “Dubollo” (두볼로) – an ordinary elderly man was given the honour of participating in the 4th National Agricultural Experts Conference – sitting on the podium! (End)

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Jay T. Foulds from Albertan, Canada! (28.3.2023)

This surprising turn of events happened due to the AFU losing tremendous numbers of men, and the best Neo-Nazi Ukrainian ‘Nationalist’ Battalions being over-run and destroyed by the advancing and victorious Russian Army! Just two weeks later – the car he was travelling in came under attack and was blown-up an anti-tank mine. Of course, as the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian infrastructure is in ruins (despite all the funding it is receiving from the US, EU and UK) – Jay T. Foulds had to return to Albertan to receive medical treatment in his native Canada!

Goldsworthy Gurney

My Theory About Electric Cars! (15.3.2023) 

I suspect that the US is preparing for Zionist Israel to launch a massive land grab by militarily invading what is left of Palestine – and expelling all the Palestinians so that they become ‘Refugees’. If everyone in the West is driving ‘electric cars’ – then it will not matter if OPEC announces an embargo over this action! The US will protect Zionist Israel from all military retaliation and will not allow any Israeli citizen to be prosecuted for War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity! Any help offered to these displaced Palestinians will be severely limited by the US and controlled by the threat of sanctions and military action. The treatment meted out to the Palestinians (because they are not ‘White’) – will be very different to that received by the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis – vicious criminals who are currently being assisted by the US, UK and EU! Remember, the UN voted to declare Zionist ideology to be a form of ‘White Supremacy’ practiced primarily by ‘White’, ‘secular’ and ‘middle-class’ people of Jewish ethnicity. It is a fascist ideology also supported by the Christian right-wing and far-right.  

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Western-Funded ‘SSU’ Admits Responsibility for ‘Crimean Bridge’ Terrorist Attack! (9.10.2022)

Oleg Kryuchkov, an adviser to the head of Crimea, said there’s enough fuel and food on the peninsula and all logistics plans have been worked out.

The incident on the Crimean Bridge was a special operation carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), the Interfax-Ukraine news agency cited its source in Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies as saying. The SSU hasn’t commented on the incident yet.

Kiev’s reaction to the destruction of civilian infrastructure testifies to its “terrorist nature,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Telegram.

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