The Old Hakka Method of Natural Farming in New China

It is hoped that the old and natural Hakka method of farming can become a blue-print for a ‘new’ type of agricultural process in New China, whereby the excesses and foolishness of modern ‘petroleum agriculture’ can be transitioned into the use of more natural farming methods that are assisted and optimised by the benefit of modern technology. This is a clever blending of the old and the new in the present time. The old Hakka method of farming might well serve as the natural basis of the future agricultural policy of New China.

Thich Quang Duc (释广德) [1897-1963]

Thich Quang Duc’s action produced a mind altering paradigm shift throughout the world that is still being discussed today. He demonstrated the power of Buddhist mind control during a very painful death – whereas no Christian believers (beyond the realms of imagination, superstition, or the paranormal) have managed to rise from the dead.

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