DPR: International Workers’ Day (May 1st) – was Celebrated in Gorlovka! (2.5.2023)

On the Day of International Solidarity of the Workers – Gorlovka Communists laid flowers at the monument to V.I. Lenin! The UN recognises the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics! These ‘liberated’ areas of Donbass are referred to as ‘DNR’ (DPR) and ‘LNR’ (LPR)! The native ‘Russian’ population declared its intent to leave a Ukraine under US-Neo-Nazi control – and Russia, Syria and North Korea (along with other national entities) have formally ‘recognised’ this secession! This process is both ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’ – and that the US interpretation of the situation is ‘wrong’ and the US support for the Neo-Nazi regime (Obama put into power during 2014) is illegitimate and unwanted! What this means is that the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian presence in Donbass is now ‘illegal’ and ‘unlawful’ – and that the now ‘Independent’ and ‘sovereign’ nations of the DNR and LNR have every right to ‘expel’ the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Forces – and to request Russian military action to assist in this objective! Where this process has been achieved – the local inhabitants have been able to celebrate May 1st – as the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians had originally ‘banned’ it – and implemented the US ‘Labor Day’ (‘Labour’ is spelt ‘wrong’ in the US) which happens in September and is designed to recognise the control of the workers by the all-poweful Management – the exact opposit of the ‘Socialist’ May 1st celebration!

Russian Language Article:


В День международной солидарности трудящихся горловские коммунисты возложили цветы к памятнику В.И. Ленину.