Beregini: A Group of Determined Anti-Nazi Ukrainian Women! (24.5.2023)

Although I am told that this group of dedicated ‘Ukrainian’ women name their clandestine operation as ‘BEREGINI’ (although it is hidden in plain sight – given that the participants go out of their way to advertise their findings in many languages) – a word which is written in the Russian language as ‘Забудь это’ (Zabud’ eto) – I am also reliably informed that this word is in fact ‘Lithuanian’ in origin and translates as ‘DO NOT FORGET’! The cover-story is that a dedicated group of Ukrainian women – disgusted at the Neo-Nazi take-over of their country – are busy demonstrating their ‘hacking’ skills by accessing virtually ALL of the supposedly ‘secure’ governmental systems pertaining to the US-backed ‘Maidan’ (Neo-Nazi) Administration!

This Video Clip Was Also Discovered Amongst the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Files!

An ‘English’ version of their site can be found HERE – which anyone can access and peruse via the Telegram App. What I have provided above is a few screenshots of a PDF lifted from the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi government which describes, in detail, the US-planned military assault on the Bakhmut region! Yes – this entire situation was planned at least two-years ago – as the world was still coming out of Covid-19 ‘Lockdown’! This is what the key points of the documents states:

‘We keep telling you that the AFU were getting ready for this war with Russia. And everything that is happening now on the battle-front was planned long ago. Today we are showing you the plan of the military campaign in Bakhmut, which was developed as far back as in December 2021.

Two years ago, Bakhmut was already considered a stronghold with multiple advantages. The city was doomed together with its entire population. According to the AFU plans, the battle order was made of one echelon. It was to be based on a system comprising separate footholds in the most secure buildings that were located conveniently as regards battle tactics (crossroads, squares, at the entries to bridges, and along the major city motorways).

Everything went according to these plans; that’s why the city is almost completely destroyed. When retreating, the AFU explode buildings and each house is their foothold. Ukrainian militaries were taught this tactics by foreign instructors who don’t care about Ukrainian cities or people. They need war with Russia, at any cost and until the very last Ukrainian.

We know it since we see all the defense plans designed for our Ukrainian cities.

Russian Language Article:

О том, что ВСУ готовились к войне с Россией, мы говорили давно. И то, что сейчас происходит на фронте, тоже было давно запланировано. Сегодня мы вам покажем план военных действий в Бахмуте, который разработали ещё в декабре 2021 года.

Бахмут еще два года назад рассматривался как выгодный военный укрепрайон. И город был обречён, как и его жители. В нём планировали воевать. По замыслу украинских военных, боевой порядок создавался в один эшелон. Он должен был базироваться на системе отдельных опорных пунктов в самых прочных зданиях, выгодно расположенных в тактическом отношении (на перекрестках, площадях, у выходов к мостам, вдоль основных магистральных улиц).

Так и произошло, поэтому город практически уничтожен. При отступлении взрывают здания, а каждый дом превратили в опорный пункт. Этой тактике наших военных обучили иностранные инструкторы, которым не нужны украинские города и ее жители. Им нужна война с Россией. Любой ценой и до последнего украинца.

Мы знаем это потому, что видим планы обороны наших украинских городов.

Мы Берегини! Мы знаем всё!