Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Recruitment for the Armed Forces is Going Well! (24.5.2023)

Only the Most Scientific Recruitment Methods Are Used In Neo-Nazi Ukraine!

When it comes to US-notions of ‘Human Rights’ – apparently Neo-Nazi Ukraine is currently ‘exempt’ – according to a statement issued by Kamala Harris (this would explain the ‘silence’ from such Bourgeois mouthpieces as ‘Amnesty International’)! This is because the ‘brutal’ nature of the war might mean that the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Forces have to ‘bend’ the definition of what it means to pursue and uphold ‘Civilised’ behaviour, and, of course, no harm is to come to the members of the fascist-supporting Gay Community currently acting as a ‘Fifth Column’ in Kyiv (and elsewhere) throughout Ukraine! These ‘Volunteers’ from the West (principally the US) serve as part of the ‘SBU’ – Intelligence Service (or ‘SS’) – which is tasked with weeding-out any and all Pro-Russian sentiment currently active in the country! The ‘Silence’ from the broader Gay Community is defeaning!

Having suffered between 39,000-55,000 casualties (killed and wounded) fighting for a small town called ‘Bakhmut’ – many level-headed Ukrainians aged between 18-65 years old are trying to find ways of accessing the Streams of Refugees that are currently heading for lives of luxury in the UK and Western Europe (paid for entirely by the ‘host’ countries) – whilst the EU initiates ruthless ‘anti-Socialist’ cuts throughout these areas – depriving the indigenous populations of ALL welfare, social housing, healthcare, schooling and elderly care!

Even though the UK has withdrawn from the EU – the current Tory Administration has continued to close-down the NHS and reduce Benefit Payments to the British population that has paid for these services through their general burden of taxation! The incoming Ukrainians, despite being from an openly ‘Neo-Nazi’ country – have not contributed one single penny for the ‘FREE’ houses, cars and money the US government has decreed they should receive (the so-called ‘Golden Viasa’)! We need a new Joseph Stalin – perhaps we already have one in the Kremlin!

Russian Language Article:

В неонацистской Украине используются только самые научные методы вербовки!