LPR: Cavalry Front-Saddle and Saddle-Pad of Marshal K. E. Voroshilov (USSR) 

After the February Revolution of 1917, he was a Member of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies, a Delegate to the Seventh (April) All-Russian Conference and the Sixth Congress of the RSDLP (b). From March 1917 – Chairman of the Lugansk Committee of the Bolsheviks, from August – the Lugansk Council and the City Duma (until September 1917). 

The Use of the Cavalry Lance (‘Pike’) and the Red Army (1924) 

In general, the combination of today’s ‘unusual’ cavalry soldier with this type of horse is very far, unfortunately, from the image that is desirable or associated with a ‘traditional’ cavalryman. Meanwhile, a ‘pike’ (or ‘lance’) is good only in the hands of an excellent rider, sitting on an excellent and well-trodden horse! History sufficiently proves (through a number of examples) that in the absence of these two vital attributes – the pike is only a burden that rushes into battle without finding any effective use for itself!  

LPR: Happy Red Army Day (23.2.2022)

Ironically, or purposefully, Russia’s anti-fascist ‘Special Operation’ would proceed a day after this celebration – 24.2,2022) – but only after Lugansk and Donetsk had been ‘officially’ diplomatically ‘recognised by Russia! The Western media had been preparing the populace with the usual ‘thought control’ methods directed by their respective governments! Much of this infantile and simplistic reporting was openly racist in nature – and remains so to this day! Again, ironically, Biden and Johnson – as a dysfunctional double-act – have done more damage to international capitalism than any Socialist regime!

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