Beregini: A Group of Determined Anti-Nazi Ukrainian Women! (24.5.2023)

Although I am told that this group of dedicated ‘Ukrainian’ women name their clandestine operation as ‘BEREGINI’ (although it is hidden in plain sight – given that the participants go out of their way to advertise their findings in many languages) – a word which is written in the Russian language as ‘Забудь это’ (Zabud’ eto) – I am also reliably informed that this word is in fact ‘Lithuanian’ in origin and translates as ‘DO NOT FORGET’! The cover-story is that a dedicated group of Ukrainian women – disgusted at the Neo-Nazi take-over of their country – are busy demonstrating their ‘hacking’ skills by accessing virtually ALL of the supposedly ‘secure’ governmental systems pertaining to the US-backed ‘Maidan’ (Neo-Nazi) Administration!

DPRK: Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Gave Field Guidance to the National Space Development Agency! (23.4.2023)

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un – as the United States and South Korea spouted the most hostile rhetoric and demonstrated with clear actions this year – has continued to plan to further strengthen their anti-DPRK military posture in the name of “providing extended deterrence” and “strengthening the ROK-US alliance.” Under these circumstances, it is natural for our State to develop military deterrence commensurate with the current and future worrisome security environment – and to obtain and operate military reconnaissance means is essential to improving the military effectiveness and practicality of our various means of war deterrence. He said that this should be the most important and top priority task of our Collective Nation!

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un organized a non-stationary satellite launch preparation committee to launch Military Reconnaissance Satellite No. 1 – which had was successfully manufactured as of April – within the planned time frame – with accelerated final preparations. He set forth the militant task of firmly building reconnaissance and information-gathering capabilities by the DPRK. Receiving great trust and encouragement from the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un – the officials, scientists and engineers of the National Space Development Agency will become space conquerors who faithfully uphold the Party’s vision of building a grand space power through perfect practice – and thus achieve the Republic’s self-respect, authority and independence! It was overflowing with fiery determination to raise the great national power of Ancient Korea proudly throughout the universe! (End)

UK Deputy PM Resigns After Bullying Allegations! (22.4.2023)

After assuming the post of prime minister last October, Sunak vowed to lead a government of “integrity, professionalism, and accountability” as the chaotic period under his two predecessors — the scandal-hit Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, who had a short-lived tenure due to economic turbulence — damaged the reputation of the Tory Party and cast a cloud over its prospects in the next general elections.

Keir Starmer, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, said Raab’s resignation showed Sunak’s “continual weakness” as the prime minister should have sacked Raab instead of letting him resign.

“No matter how many times you change the person at the top, you’ve essentially got a party that just can’t deliver, just can’t govern,” Starmer told reporters.

Oliver Dowden, chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, has been appointed as the new deputy prime minister. Alex Chalk, currently serving as minister of state in the Ministry of Defence, has been named as Raab’s successor in the post of justice secretary.

DPRK: Russia Confirms North Korea is a Major Military Power! (2.3.2023)

In spite of the fact that North Korea has been under sanctions for a long time, unprecedented achievements have been made in the industrial and scientific fields of this “Socialist” country. It can be seen that the defence industry of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has independently developed in this respect (both theoretically and practically) a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile system capable of striking the Mainland United States and its satellites! Recalling that, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea possesses new types of nuclear weapons carriers – including Russia’s “Status-6 Missile System” (an unmanned diving vehicle named “Poseidon”) and similar systems.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: UK (Depleted Uranium) Aggression Triggers Deployment of Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons! (27.3.2023)

Counter to NATO

Putin did not specify when the weapons would be transferred to Belarus, which has borders with three NATO members — Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. He said Russia would complete the construction of a storage facility there by July 1.

It was also unclear where in Belarus the weapons would be stationed. The transfer is expected to expand Russia’s nuclear strike ability along NATO’s eastern border.

Putin said that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has long asked to have nuclear weapons in his country again as a counter to NATO.

“We are not handing over (the weapons). And the US does not hand (them) over to its allies. We’re basically doing the same thing they’ve been doing for a decade,” Putin said.

“They have allies in certain countries and they train … their crews. We are going to do the same thing.”

Russia has stationed 10 aircraft in Belarus capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons, Putin said, adding that it had already transferred to Belarus a number of Iskander tactical missile systems that can launch nuclear weapons.

PLA Navy Video Hints of New ‘Chinese’ Stealth Aircraft! (1.3.2023)

Military observers have long been speculating about the possible features of a new-generation carrier-borne combat plane.

Several pictures of a middle-sized stealth fighter jet circulating on Chinese weapons websites have reinforced assertions that the new plane is nearly ready for delivery.

The J-15, built by the AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, is regarded as the spearhead of China’s carrier force.

Though the jet has strong capabilities comparable to those of Russia’s Su-33 and the United States’ F/A-18 Hornet, analysts have said it is not good enough to confront stealth aircraft, and therefore China needs to develop a new type to handle challenges from neighboring navies equipped with such jets.

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