Berlin (1945): When British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery Met Soviet Red Army Marshals – Konstantin Rokossovsky & Georgy Zhukov! (24.5.2023)

Translator’s Note: During the ‘George Floyd’ Protests – some rather foolish people in the UK attempted to pull down a statue of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomey! This is what these misled people did with the ‘freedom’ people like Montgomery won for them in the war against fascism during WWII! Without his wise guidance I am sure that my paternal grandfather – the Front-Line British Army soldier Alfred Wyles – would not have survived! I am proud that the UK was an ally of the USSR between 1941-1945! Indeed, today the problem is predatory capitalism – and NOT statues! The UK should stop supporting the US and change sides to support Russia! This will require the expulsion of ALL Neo-Nazi Ukrainians who have infiltrated the UK as pretend ‘Refugees’! After an apology to Russia – the British Army should join the Russians in destroying the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Forces! ACW (24.5.2023)

Commander of the 2nd Belorussian Front – Marshal of the Soviet Union – Konstantin Konstantinovich Rokossovsky – and Commander of the 21st Allied Army Group – British Field Marshal – B. L. Montgomery – at a meeting on May 10th, 1945!

On May 7th, 1945 – at the invitation of Montgomery – Rokossovsky visited his Headquarters in Wismar. On May 10th, 1945, the British Field Marshal paid a return visit to the location of the Soviet troops. From the memoirs of Rokossovsky:

“We responded to the British courtesy with our own Soviet courtesy and invited Field Marshal Montgomery (and his associates) to our place. It was decided to hold the reception with full Russian hospitality.

In the Guard of Honour we put the Kuban 3rd Guards Cavalry Corps of Oslikovsky in Equestrian Ranks – in full Cossack uniform! They made a huge impression on Montgomery and his Officers. The British, with admiring glances, followed the famously retiring cavalry for a long time. After the Welcoming Ceremony, the guests were invited to a large hall, where the table was skilfully and tastefully set. Sitting at a plentiful table (the British had been talking standing up out of politeness) our guests felt even better. The conversation took on a heartfelt character. Montgomery himself, at first trying (in a very delicate way) to limit the time of his visit, stopped looking at his watch and willingly got involved in the general conversation!

In conclusion, our Front-Line Ensemble performed a Concert. And I have to say, the performance was great. With this we finally conquered the British! They approved each number with such frantic applause that the walls trembled! For a long time Montgomery could not find words to express his delight and admiration!

Late in the evening, the Field Marshal (and his Officers) said goodbye to us warmly. This meeting instilled in us a sense of confidence that people from different countries, speaking different languages, and even with different ideologies, if they wish, can live in friendship, treating each other with respect.”

Soviet and British Military Officers include:

British Field Marshal – Bernard Montgomery (1887-1976)

Marshal of the Soviet Union – Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov (1896-1974)

Marshal of the Soviet Union – Konstantin Konstantinovich Rokossovsky (1896-1968)

Red Army General – Vasily Danilovich Sokolovsky (1897-1968)

Red Army Colonel General – Mikhail Sergeevich Malinin (1899-1960)

There is a backdrop of British ‘Cromwell’ Tanks. The British Award Ceremony took place at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on May 12th, 1945.

Soviet Marshals were Awarded the British Orders of the Bath (the fourth most important award in the UK) of various Classes:

G.K. Zhukov – Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath

K.K. Rokossovsky – Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath

Russian Language Article:

Маршалы Советского Союза Г.К. Жуков и К.К. Рокоссовский с британским фельдмаршалом Монтгомери на церемонии награждения около Бранденбургских ворот Берлина.

Маршалы Советского Союза Георгий Константинович Жуков (1896—1974) и Константин Константинович Рокоссовский (1896—1968) разговаривают с британским фельдмаршалом Бернардом Монтгомери (Bernard Law Montgomery, 1887—1976) около Бранденбургских ворот Берлина. Советских маршалов наградили британскими орденами Бани (четвертая по значимости награда в Великобритании) разных классов: Г.К. Жукова — Почетный Рыцарь Большого Креста Ордена Бани, а К.К. Рокоссовского — Почетный Рыцарь-командор ордена Бани.

Советские военноначальники Г.К. Жуков, К.К. Рокоссовский, В.Д. Соколовский, М.С. Малинин и британский фельдмаршал Монтгомери проходят у Бранденбургских ворот Берлина

Советские военноначальники Маршал Советского Союза Георгий Константинович Жуков (1896—1974), британский фельдмаршал Бернард Монтгомери (Bernard Law Montgomery, 1887—1976), Маршал Советского Союза Константин Константинович Рокоссовский (1896—1968), генерал армии Василий Данилович Соколовский (1897—1968), генерал-полковник Михаил Сергеевич Малинин (1899—1960) проходят на фоне линейки британских танков «Кромвель» после церемонии награждения у Бранденбургских ворот Берлина.12.05. 1945 года.

Советские военноначальники были награжены: Г.К. Жуков — Почетный Рыцарь Большого Креста Ордена Бани, К.К. Рокоссовский — Почетный Рыцарь-командор ордена Бани, В.Д. Соколовский и М.С. Малинин — Кавалер ордена Британской империи (военный).