Email: The Problem of Russian Nationalism (26.5.2022)

I do not (and never have) supported modern Russian ‘nationalism’ – which contains disturbing elements of bourgeois racism and homophobia, much of it encouraged by the Orthodox Church. It is the same thinking that has Orthodox Icons placed in tanks as they are constructed in the factories – as if these religious objects possess a similar (or greater) power than the anti-missile technology that is also installed – the design of the tanks and technology being ‘Soviet’ in origin and quite often logical developments of this technology brought into the modern day.  

LPR: Kyiv Reluctant to Recognise the Rights of its Own POWs! (2.4.2022)

“They (the Ukrainian military) complained that not only were there no proposals from Ukraine and Ukrainian Commanders to initiate their exchange, but even their phone calls were not answered. These Servicemen are forgotten, they are abandoned,” she said. In particular, she noted that there are 170 captured Ukrainian Servicemen in the LPR. Currently, Kyiv refuses to acknowledges that any battles have occurred, or that the Neo-Nazi ‘Nationalist’ Battalions (or the Armed Forces of Ukraine) has ‘lost’ any supposed ‘engagements’!

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