Neo-Nazi Ukraine Hates Black People! (17.5.2023)

A Common Realisation!

What is happening in Ukraine is a race war. This is US foreign policy writ large and unafraid to show its true face! With the full embracing of Hitlerism – the US no longer has to hide it’s true intentions – or apologise for having them!

Of course, Russia’s intolerant attitude toward homosexuality goes down very well in Africa – and is said to be an attitude originally relayed by Western missionaries – which is odd considering the extent of Western rape perpetuated by Whites against Blacks – men, women and children!

Neo-Nazis Ukrainians Hate the Diverse West!
Even Black People Living in Germany Complain About Neo-Nazi Ukrainians Being Racist!
A Slightly Less Ideological Clarity – But the Anti-Black Racism Remains the Same!