Neo-Nazi Ukraine: More on Hitler’s “SS” Galicia Regiment – Past & Present! (17.5.2023)

Whilst monitoring the political far-right in the UK and the US – I came across a “British” based Pro-Fascist Ukrainian Telegram Channel which publishes in “English” (occasionally in Ukrainian) and eulogises “Neo-Nazism” and general “Hitlerite” history and politics! As the author has previously published “Glasgow Rangers” Pro-Ukrainian propaganda (posted 15.4.2023) – it would seem he is living in Scotland. This is how he describes his Telegram Channel:

‘❗️Daily updates of the Eurasian invasion of Ukraine

❗️Information and photographss of White Nationalist and National Socialist resistance

❗️No to Moscow! No to Washington 

Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦’

I have added this individual’s Channel photograph to the top of this post.

This site is different to mainstream British and US news outlets in that it does NOT attempt to ‘hide’ the true reality of the situation in contemporay Ukraine! A general picture of far-right politics engorged on Western money (and weaponry) is clearly presented free of the any re-touching, sleight of hand or distortion! The “anti-Russian” reality of modern Ukraine is presented worts and all, so-to-speak! Indeed, the author of the Channel entitled “Ukraine Front ⚡️⚡️” has made two very convenient posts which relays the staying-power of the Catholic-backed (and Hitlerite equipped) “SS Galicia” Regiment during its “original” 1943 formation! Let’s see what he has got to say:

‘Today – 28.4.2023 – we remember the 80th anniversary of the formation of the SS Galicia – a part of the legendary Waffen SS – mainly compromised of Ukrainians (but also other Eastern Europeans).

It is believed over 50,000 Ukrainians volunteered to serve in this unit – with the goal of the liberation their homeland from the Soviet Union – fighting in many battles with their German brothers on the Eastern Front!

Just as their grandfathers did 80 years ago – proud (modern) Ukrainians still fight for their blood and soil in honour and memory of those who come before!

Glory to the heroes!
Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦

The author then goes on to helpfully post photographs of ‘modern’ Ukrainian soldiers (armed and financed by the US, UK and EU), all routinely waering “SS Galicia” badges on their NATO-provided uniforms – regardless of their “actual” military unit designation:

Again, this is what our well-informed “historian” has to say on the matter:

‘You will see many (modern) Ukrainians wearing “SS Galicia” insignia in honour of their ancestors!

The Golden lion on the blue background is symbolic of the Ukrainian national colours as well as their courage and bravery!’

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