North Korea Joins Syria and Russia in Recognising the LPR & DPR! (14.7.2022) 

Many different areas of Central and East Ukraine rose-up and declared their ‘independence’ against this blatant ‘anti-Russian’ attempt by the West to move EU and NATO hegemony up to the geographical borders of Russia. The Socialist Republics of Kharkov, Odessa and Carpatho-Russian, etc, all declared their opposition to the US-backed ‘Neo-Nazi’ Ukrainian State – but were all ruthlessly invaded by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and brutally suppressed! Only the LPR and DPR managed to hold-out and are now being military assisted by Russia. All this data is missing from this article as the author assumes the reader already is aware of it (and they probably are in China) – but I wanted it restated here because most Western readers follow the pro-Nao-Nazi line established by the US. Furthermore, contrary to the comments made by ‘Alexander Scherba’ is obviously incorrect. North Korea established a full embassy in Kyiv in 1992 – but withdrew this embassy in early 1998. Before 2017, the two countries shared certain trade relations. Between 2015-2016, Ukraine’s exports to North Korea amounted to $33.7 million and $7.5 million respectively – with the main exports being flour, grains and rapeseed, etc.

When Syria Recognised the DPR & LPR! (14.7.2022)

Following Syria’s recognition of the DPR and the LPR – Zelensky decided to cut-off all diplomatic relations! Syria’s move to ‘recognise’ the DPR and the LPR unfolded around sixteen days before the DPRK formally recognised the DPR and the LPR on July 14th, 2022! This is important as two non-White countries have come forward and are directly supporting Russia in its fight against Western-backed Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine!

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