Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Recruitment for the Armed Forces is Going Well! (24.5.2023)

Having suffered between 39,000-55,000 casualties (killed and wounded) fighting for a small town called ‘Bakhmut’ – many level-headed Ukrainians aged between 18-65 years old are trying to find ways of accessing the Streams of Refugees that are currently heading for lives of luxury in the UK and Western Europe (paid for entirely by the ‘host’ countries) – whilst the EU initiates ruthless ‘anti-Socialist’ cuts throughout these areas – depriving the indigenous populations of ALL welfare, social housing, healthcare, schooling and elderly care! Even though the UK has withdrawn from the EU – the current Tory Administration has continued to close-down the NHS and reduce Benefit Payments to the British population that has paid for these services through their general burden of taxation! The incoming Ukrainians, despite being from an openly ‘Neo-Nazi’ country – have not contributed one single penny for the ‘FREE’ houses, cars and money the US government has decreed they should receive! We need a new Joseph Stalin – perhaps we already have one in the Kremlin!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: President Biden Reacts to “Humiliating” Bakhmut Defeat! (21.5.2023)

When asked about the thousands of Gay men who died in the ‘Holocaust’ – the Editor of Gay Times replied “Most of those deaths were from illness, injury and lack of food when the Soviet Red Army encircled these Camps and cut-off the supply of Nazi German food!” He continued “The Jewish history writers should alter (or change) the books regarding the Holocaust to reflect this new research!” When asked whether there was any contradiction between ‘Gay’ people supporting Neo-Nazi Ukraine and the homophobia the Nazi Germans were known to express, he stated “Most Nazi Germans were Gay!” The Gay Times, in the light of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian defeat at Artyomovsk will write a front page eulogise the Azov and Aidar Nationalist Battalions – two known Units full of closet homosexuals!

EU to Ramp-Up Ammunition After Agreeing on New Plan! (5.5.2023)

Some EU lawmakers have challenged the European Commission for using the EU budget for subsidizing ammunition production.

Martina Michels, a member of the European Parliament from Germany and a member of The Left party, said the EU’s structural funds are instruments for strategic long-term investment. “They are intended to promote the harmonization of living conditions, while at the same time promoting climate-friendly structural change,” she said.

“Under no circumstances should they be used for armaments. A war economy is neither socially nor ecologically nor economically sustainable,” she said in a statement posted on Twitter.

“So we have the #EU using money from a so-called ‘Peace Facility’ to make sure that Peace doesn’t break out in Ukraine — The money will be used to provide ammunition to keep the War going, which will see more less well-off Ukrainians losing their lives — What has happened to EU …?” Mick Wallace, an Irish MEP, wrote on Twitter in response to a tweet applauding the Wednesday ammunition agreement by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

Poland: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Axe-Man Takes to the Streets! (5.4.2023)

Indeed, a fine example of Hitlerite manhood stripped down to his underwear (in true US superhero style) and began to swing an axe around whilst threatening to decapitate attending Police Officers! Once a sizable crowd had gathered (involving members of the Press) – he took the opportunity to forcibly complain about the free house and car he had been given on arrival – as it is nowhere near ‘big enough’ to meet his future needs! Why is this – you might ask yourself? Well, you see he intends to bring ten of his relatives to join him in Poland in the near future – and he does not want to work for a living!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Ukrainian Terrorist Attack Prevented – NKVD Stopped Attempt on the Life of the Head of the Crimea! (3.5.2023)

According to the FSB, six members of the Ukrainian Intelligence Group were detained – Viktor Podvalny, Alexander Litvinenko, Sergei Krivoshein, Konstantin Yevmenenko, Igor Zorin and Sergei Voinarovsky. As Sergei Aksyonov later stated, the captured Ukrainian terrorists were also involved in sabotage on the railway tracks in the Bakhchisarai region. “This is the same group that blew up the railway tracks in the Bakhchisarai region. There is no doubt that the masterminds of the crime are in Kyiv. Neo-Nazi Ukraine is a Terrorist State!” the politician said.

The detainees were found to have an impressive arsenal: five explosive devices already prepared for use, detonators, GPS trackers for tracking and radio-controlled mechanisms. The “geography” of the saboteurs is also noteworthy – explosives for bombs disguised as electric stoves were smuggled along a channel organized by the Nao-Nazi Ukrainian Special Services – through Georgia and Turkey. The terrorists themselves also had a Bulgarian passport belonging to citizen Petranov – who was

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