Zelensky Greets Ukrainian Forces on Hitler’s Birthday! (20.4.2022)

For soon we shall be in the ranks of NATO and the loving embrace of an EU controlled by a resurgent Germany! I ask – no – I DEMAND that the fraternal peoples of Ukraine and Germany remember the Fuhrer who would have been 133-years-old had he continued to live – also had our best interests at heart! After-all, did he not send the German Army into the Ukraine to free us from the Soviet shackles that bound us? This is why I ask for just one minute of respectful silence whilst you bow your heads in remembrance!’

Kharkov People’s Republic (Existed 7.4.2014-8.4.2014)

Kharkiv People’s Republic is the name of the State Founded by the pro-Russian protesters who seized the Kharkiv Regional State Administration on April 7, 2014 – in response to the ‘illegal’ seizure of State power by the US, UK and EU-backed ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Junta in Kyiv! On the same day, the President of ‘Neo-Nazi’ Ukraine – Oleksandr Turchynov – following Western dictates, announced the introduction of an anti-terrorist operation in the region. The next day, Units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (SBU) of Ukraine attacked the building of the Regional State Administration and brutally supressed the anti-fascist uprising! Those who survived this Neo-Nazi attack were indefinitely detained on the grounds that they a) ‘illegally’ possessed arms, and b) had formed an ‘armed group’ for ‘terroristic’ purposes! The so-called ‘Human Rights’ groups of the West (such as ‘Amnesty International’) said and did nothing!

Kramatorsk: A Modern Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Atrocity! (8.4.2022)

The Russian National Guard (and Chechen Special Forces) have done an excellent job so far – but need to be rotated and rested. Russia needs proper hard-core Red Army-type massed infantry attacks involving tens of thousands of men and machines! This is the only way of countering what the West is doing in the Ukraine – which is satuating the place with weapons and Neo-Nazi criminals! Furthermore, Russia should increase its scope of ‘de-Nazification’ and include Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – as well as any other country that feels like embracing Hitlerism! The West has not got the balls the take on Russia – and if it did – well, a new world order will be just around the corner!

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