Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: Youth Centre Celebrates International Children’s Day and National Tree Planting Day! (7.6.2023)

The Laos People’s Revolutionary Youth Centre organized various events to celebrate International Children’s Day and National Tree Planting Day – on May 30th, 2023 – held at the Lao-ITech Shopping Centre (old building)! Mr. Kikeo Thikhampithun – Deputy Prime Minister – and relevant parties participated in and watched art performances and other (related) activities performed by the young people of Laos! This included such activities as singing, dancing, playing sports, reciting kapkorn and playing the duliang drum, etc!

China: Tibetan Children Enjoy Unforgetable Visit to Beijing! (7.6.2023)

This is a particularly important and poignant event – coming as it does in the shadow of the exiled 14th Dalai Lama sexually abusing young children in poverty-stricken India – and the collective Western media reacting with an embarrassed ‘silence’! Whereas the forces of predatory capitalism submits the children unfortunate enough to born within its cold embrace to all kinds of indignities and deprivations – the forces of Socialism within China ensures that ALL children born to the 56 ethnic groups receive the best possible educational and cultural upbringing!

I acquired this article NOT from a Russian news outlet – but rather from the “Official” Telegram Channel of the “Ukraine National Police!! The West and Central areas of Neo-Nazi Ukraine are peaceful and awash with US, UK and EU “free” money – which means that nobody needs to “work” and foreigners are everywhere enjoying this decadent existence! The Neo-Nazi Ukrainian State has encouraged this decadence – but since the production of Child Paedophile Pornography has become an epidemic – Western paedophiles and perverts have been flocking to “Maidan” Neo-Nazi Ukraine! This reality has been noticed by the hypocritical Western governments – who have instructed the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian government to “crack down” on this terrible and deficient criminal behaviour which is typical of the Neo-Nazi far-right!

Transgender Studies: Interesting Academic Information! (14.5.2023)

This is a selection of reliable (academic) articles pertaining to the US and UK regarding the objective study of ‘Transgenderism’ and/or ‘Transsexuality’ – with a bias toward the US. I have checked the links to ensure each is working properly, and have assessed the efficacy of each research paper. The data should be ‘objective’ and its scientific interpretation ‘impartial’. This type of study is important so as to avoid ‘political’ bias (of whatever orientation) and to construct a sound ‘material’ basis for the study of this subject. We know that this subject ‘exists’ – and we need to establish ‘why’ and in so doing ascertain the ‘direction’ of this trend. This process requires ‘detachment’ from the more ’emotive’ reactions seen within certain sections of society – and to approach this subject as a Doctor might approach any other element of physical and psychological health.

Russia: The Influence of the Modern Russian Orthodox Church! (9.5.2023)

This video features the ‘Great Eradication Squad of Dmitriya Donskogo’ (Великовражская дружина Дмитрия Донского) – a ROC-controlled Religious Education Camp operating in the Kstovsky District of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast – situated in Central Russia. Young students attend Kstovsky District- whilst throughout the day the religious teacher ‘arms’ the students and whilst they are taught to collectively ‘shout’ pro-government slogans – they are ‘ordered’ to run and crawl like soldiers with machine guns – performing various other combat related exercises. In the Camp’s posts on VKontakte – it is noted that such classes are held as part of the upbringing of ‘Patriots of the Native Fatherland!’ ‘Those who Graduate take part in ‘Special Military Operations’ – and are taught exactly what the ‘Truth’ is they are fighting for in this battle!’ The ROC states that theological study is ‘merged’ with current secular government ideology – so that ‘warfare’ is both ‘justified’ and ‘encouraged’. This is how the ROC now dominates a modern Russia. I wonder what a Palestinian Christ would think about his passivity being perverted in this manner? Surely, this modern ROC activity violates the Soviet Law which states ‘Incitement of hostility or hatred on religious grounds is prohibited’!

Palestine: Workers Demand Restructuring of the Trade Union Movement to Strengthen Unity for the Struggle on May Day! (1.5.2023)

After seventeen years of division in the Palestinian arena at the political and geographical levels, and what has multiplied it in terms of the costs, burdens, and requirements of life and living – the phenomenon of unemployment and the unemployed has increased! This has been seen especially among the youth and graduates with poverty and extreme poverty becoming a generalized phenomenon – in addition to the increase in the rate of taxes, customs and fees on Goods, the decline in the level of domestic production, the decline in the level and value of exports and the increase in dependence on importing food and industrial goods! This impoverishment has lead to the failure of granting poor families their entitlements from Social Security! In the absence of changing the existing model of power – this situation has harmed all aspects of economic development, social development and healthcare.

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