Russia: The Influence of the Modern Russian Orthodox Church! (9.5.2023)

This video features the ‘Great Eradication Squad of Dmitriya Donskogo’ (Великовражская дружина Дмитрия Донского) – a ROC-controlled Religious Education Camp operating in the Kstovsky District of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast – situated in Central Russia. Young students attend Kstovsky District- whilst throughout the day the religious teacher ‘arms’ the students and whilst they are taught to collectively ‘shout’ pro-government slogans – they are ‘ordered’ to run and crawl like soldiers with machine guns – performing various other combat related exercises. In the Camp’s posts on VKontakte – it is noted that such classes are held as part of the upbringing of ‘Patriots of the Native Fatherland!’ ‘Those who Graduate take part in ‘Special Military Operations’ – and are taught exactly what the ‘Truth’ is they are fighting for in this battle!’ The ROC states that theological study is ‘merged’ with current secular government ideology – so that ‘warfare’ is both ‘justified’ and ‘encouraged’. This is how the ROC now dominates a modern Russia. I wonder what a Palestinian Christ would think about his passivity being perverted in this manner? Surely, this modern ROC activity violates the Soviet Law which states ‘Incitement of hostility or hatred on religious grounds is prohibited’!

Neo-Nazi Ukriane: Wagner PMC to ‘Pull-Out’ of Bakhmut! (7.5.2023)

The Head of Chechnya wrote a letter to the President of Russia with a request to relocate the Akhmat Unit to Bakhmut. In the letter, Kadyrov explains the need for redeployment due to the “current situation.” Earlier, Kadyrov said that the Akhmat fighters were ready to take the positions of the Wagner PMC in Bakhmut. This has happened due to the founder of the ‘foreign’ Wagner PMC – Yevgeny Prigozhin – announcing that on May 10th – Wagner fighters will abandon their positions to the Neo-Nazi enemy due to lack of ammunition! The “Islamic warriors will fight to the last round, bayonet, stone and fist!” – he explained.

EU to Ramp-Up Ammunition After Agreeing on New Plan! (5.5.2023)

Some EU lawmakers have challenged the European Commission for using the EU budget for subsidizing ammunition production.

Martina Michels, a member of the European Parliament from Germany and a member of The Left party, said the EU’s structural funds are instruments for strategic long-term investment. “They are intended to promote the harmonization of living conditions, while at the same time promoting climate-friendly structural change,” she said.

“Under no circumstances should they be used for armaments. A war economy is neither socially nor ecologically nor economically sustainable,” she said in a statement posted on Twitter.

“So we have the #EU using money from a so-called ‘Peace Facility’ to make sure that Peace doesn’t break out in Ukraine — The money will be used to provide ammunition to keep the War going, which will see more less well-off Ukrainians losing their lives — What has happened to EU …?” Mick Wallace, an Irish MEP, wrote on Twitter in response to a tweet applauding the Wednesday ammunition agreement by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

US Behind Kremlin Drone Attack – CIA Must Stop Spying on Sovereign Nations! (5.5.2023)

Peskov noted that the United States must understand that Russia is aware of its participation in the terrorist attack, saying that it’s important for Washington to “understand how dangerous such direct participation in the conflict really is.”

Russia’s presidential press service said Wednesday that Ukraine attempted to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin by using two drones to attack his Kremlin residence.

The Kremlin said the military and special services used radar warfare to put the unmanned aerial vehicles out of action.

Meanwhile, U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Thursday that Russia’s claims are false. He told local media that “there was no involvement by the United States” in the attack.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Kremlin Attacked by Suicide Drones! (3.5.2023)

Everything we know about the assassination attempt on Putin:

🔻The Kyiv regime attempted to strike Putin’s Kremlin residence with a Suicide Drone at night

🔻Two drones were aimed at the Kremlin

🔻 As a result of the actions of the Russian Military and Special Services – the devices were disabled

🔻There are no casualties or material damage from fragments that fell around the Kremlin

🔻The Kremlin has declared these actions to be a planned Terrorist Act and an Assassination Attempt on the elected President – on the eve of Victory Day over Fascism (German Nazism) – the May 9th Parade

🔻As a result of the Terrorist Attack – the President was not injured, his work schedule has not changed, and he continues to work as usual.

Kherson: Vladimir Putin Visits Dnepr Troop Headquarters & LPR! (18.4.2023)

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in the Kherson region – where he visited the Headquarters of the Dnepr Group of Russian Troops! On the spot, he listened to the reports of the Commander of the Airborne Forces, Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky, the Commander of the Dnepr Group, Colonel General Oleg Makarevich, and other military leaders! Vladimir Putin also visited the LPR and received Reports from General of the Army – Lapin – and other Senior Officers regarding the situation in the region. The President congratulated the military on Easter and handed them a copy of the icon, which, according to him, belonged to “one of the most successful defense Ministers of the Russian Empire”!

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