The Taxman (1966) – How the Beatles Got it Wrong! 

Yes – very rich people did pay a substantial amount of their ample incomes as a contribution in this re-distribution of wealth – but the working-class paid much more tax collectively than the middle or upper classes (even though the rate of tax each individual paid was less due to their lower incomes). It is a shame that the four Beatles took the money the British public gave them in reward for their (extraordinary) musical talents – and then ‘refused’ to contribute what amounted to a relatively ‘small’ over-all contribution of their incomes toward the general health of the nation! Later, when John Lennon walked around wearing a ‘Mao Zedong’ badge – perhaps one or two of the Beatles regretted making this track – particularly as the sentiment expressed is inherently ‘right-wing’ and would eventually feed into the fascistic ideology of Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and a host of other faceless Tory and Lib-Dems leaders! Since 1979, the Beatles may have been pleased to see the start of the privatisation of the NHS, the selling-off of Council Houses, the closing of hospitals and the dismantling of the Welfare System! Perhaps they were ecstatic when Thatcher abolished ‘free’ University education for the British youth – immediately plunging hundreds of thousands into a lifetime of abject poverty! By applying such right-wing ideology, the Tories and Lib-Dems (according to a UN investigation) murdered over 120,000 people with disabilities between 2010-2016! They achieved this by cutting taxes for the rich and services for the poor – a simple correlation that further enriches the already wealthy whilst simultaneously reducing the life-expectancy of the poor!

Gary Younge, a sociology professor at the University of Manchester, once commented that dollars play a decisive role in U.S. politics. He wrote, “U.S. elections: no matter who you vote for, money always wins.”

In 1863, the ideal democratic government of the United States was depicted by then-U.S. President Abraham Lincoln in his landmark Gettysburg Address as the “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

More than 150 years later, the fig leaf of democracy can no longer cover up the corruption of the American political system. Kishore Mahbubani, a Singaporean scholar, put it best in his book The Asian 21st Century. “Americans are proud of their democratic political system. But the facts show that America has increasingly come to resemble a plutocracy, where society is governed of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%.”

US: ‘Apologies’ for Injuries Caused by Unethical Medical Experiments Far from Sufficient! (11.10.2022)

How many cruel human experiments have been covered up by the US and how many people are being tortured now? It is hard to know.

The US has long been bragging that it is a model of Human Rights in the world, however, its acts prove that “Human Rights” in its eyes are nothing more than the privilege of a few people arbitrarily depriving the weak of their lives and health, and the power to override the will of the weak and deprive them of their dignity.

In addition to an apology, the county should reflect on these atrocities, actively compensate the victims and their families, and examine itself to end inhuman experiments.

China Debuts Full Solar-Powered Drone! (5.8.2022)

Near space is that part of Earth’s atmosphere at altitudes of 20 to 100 kilometers, encompassing portions of the stratosphere, mesosphere and lower thermosphere. It is above the top altitudes of commercial airliners but below orbiting satellites.

The drone is able to fly at altitudes of up to over 20 km and can stay airborne overnight. The solar panels are placed on the wings that have a combined length of 50 meters, said Zhu Shengli, head designer of Qimingxing 50.

(W. E. Talk) Why China is Poles Apart from Western Countries in Protecting Human Rights of Ethnic Minorities? (5.8.2022)

Shen Guiping: Across the world, regional autonomy has been implemented in many countries based on ethnic factors, such as Oran autonomous province in Finland, five autonomous regions in Italy, more than a dozen autonomous regions in Spain, and so on. Due to autonomy, the national government lacks strong political, economic, and social integration in these regions, resulting in a low degree of integration between these regions and the external economy, society, and culture. This may lead to the disconnection between the economic and social linkage development of autonomous regions and other regions of the country, which breeds a tendency of separation in these regions. Some rich autonomous regions like Catalonia in Spain want to get rid of the “burden” of other poorer regions. Some traditional settlements “abandoned” by the modern society seek to be separated from the other areas, such as 300 Indian reservations in the remote areas in the United States. This is a frequent drawback derived from the so-called high degree of autonomy in the West.

China: Socialist System ‘Extends’ Safety Net! (27.8.2022)

Predatory capitalism may well be ‘International’ (in that it wants your labour, your money, your well-being and your life), but it is most definitely NOT ‘Internationalist’ (as it advocates disunity through an anarchic and highly selfish ‘individualism’)! Unions, Welfare Systems, Universal Education, Housing and any form of protective ‘collectivity’ must be denigrated, attacked, dismantled, sold-off and reduced to an oppressive shambles! This is the destructive system the bourgeoisie has made for you – and it replicates the world of mercantile skulduggery that first created their wealth and which eventually brought these blood-suckers to political power!

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