King Charles III – That Was Worth a Few Hospitals! (6.5.2023)

‘As a Mass Party – we fully recognise the importance of the institution of the British Royal family – and its ability to unite and galvanise the working classes! This ‘modern’ Coronation is as important today as Trotsky’s ‘Resistance’ to the tyranny of Lenin and Stalin was in the 1920s! If George Orwell were alive today – surely he would have been inspired to pen a third ‘great classic’ which would talk about the inevitable destruction of the contemporary Dictator – Putin – the ‘Hitler’ of our age! As a Mass Party we fully support all forms of reaction, the re-joining of the EU and the further (peaceful) development of NATO – as this policy supports the Unions in their drive to secure employment for their members! As a Mass Party we oppose China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos! As a Mass Party – we support the dismantling of the British Welfare State and the National Health Service (NHS) – as this empowers the workers by generating the conditions for the workers to take independent action! This Mass Party has come along way since its inception during 1921 – and the glorious revolution in Russia of 1991! Let us hope together that King Charles III ushers in a new era of sublime Bourgeoise dominance and leadership! As a Mass Party we fully encourage our members to support the British State and assist in its development! Together we can keep the dream of Leon Trotsky alive!’

Speech Delivered at Westminster Cathedral: General Secretary of the ‘Mass Party of United Kingdon’ – On the Occasion of the Coronation of King Charles III (6.5.2023)

In the ‘New’ Spirit of Liberalism – Men Are Allowed to Wear Dresses in the King’s Presence! Even Women of Colour Are Permitted in His Majesty’s Locale – Within Reason!
The Ordinary British People Express Their Opinion and Support!