Senior CPC Official Urges New Horizons for Ideological and Political Work! (21.9.2022)

Huang, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, made the remarks while addressing a convention of the Chinese Society of Ideological and Political Work in Beijing.

Huang listed progress in the area since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, recognizing important contributions to the cause of the Party and the country.

Hong Kong: Dunhuang Treasures on Display! (24.8.2022)

The development of the modern scientific method, however, informs humanity that this attitude is mistaken, and that regardless of just how ‘perfect’ each cultural expression happens to believe itself to be, there is always another equally important (or impressive) cultural expression waiting just around the evolutionary corner! Throughout pre-modern times, emerging cultures, (regardless of their technical or architectural achievements), were relative affairs that could be toppled with just the right amount of pressure applied to the correct place! China’s long history of continuous and impressive cultural expression is no exception to this rule!

UK’s Earliest Parliament (1236 CE) – ABBEY MILLS: MERTON PRIORY CHAPTER HOUSE – 900 YEAR OLD WOODEN ARCH! PART 3 (7.8.2022)

Abbey Mills has always seemed to be a busy commercial area of South London and has a long history – like much of this area. In the old days, much of the UK was covered with Catholic monasteries, churches and many other similar buildings, Following the dissolution of the monasteries during the late 1530s, all this Catholic dominance came to a sudden, dramatic and violent end when Henry VIII decided he would no longer recognise the dominance and authority of the Pope! This single act changed the world forever and ushered in modernity, individualism and capitalism! The Old Church was replaced with a ‘new’ version that was then spread throughout the world through British (and European) colonialism! The point is that we are all the product of history – that is ‘of what came before’ – and that these strata of our being lies primarily buried beneath our feet and awaits rediscovery! Experts, governments, individuals and special interest groups can argue about the provenance of these finds, but one point everyone involved in this debate agrees upon is that history is undoubtedly beneath our feet!


Hopefully, these random videos will assist people all over the UK (and the world) to understand and appreciate this wonderful exhibition of 12th century British history! Furthermore, we want to assist the elderly, the vulnerable and people with disabilities and difficulties to experience this exhibition ‘remotely’ – so that they are not excluded from the sharing of British history – which belongs to us all! After teaching Chinese martial arts this morning, we drove from Sutton to South Wimbledon (a distance of 3.9 miles) which took about 30 minutes to achieve! We then walked a slightly longer way around the supermarket and along the river until we reached ‘Chapter House’ – a place we did not know exactly where it was! However, the day was sunny, we were happy and time was on our side!

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