Lush – Racist Golly Wogs in Paignton – Devon (12.8.2017)


‘Lush’ – 38-49 Torbay Road – Paignton

Lush – Torbay Road – Paignton (Devon( UK

Disclaimer: Following further investigation, it has been found that the owners of the (above) shop in question (which will be permanently shutting in around 5 weeks time) routinely share far-rightwing posts on their personal Facebook pages. This includes racist and Islamophobic content drawn from UKIP, EDL and Britain First websites, (as well as similar prejudicial material gathered from other poorly educated and narrow-minded individuals), which is inserted between photographs of children, family events and holidays, etc. For reasons of common decency – I have not included these links on this post. Individuals are free to pursue lawful political paths – and I consider ‘golly wogs’ to be racist and illegal – although I am told this is a grey area. Whatever the case, I am opposed to fascism in any guise and will confront it wherever it arises. ACW (13.8.2017)

A ‘golly wog’ is a racist caricature of an African person – usually a male. It is a ‘White’ prejudicial view of how an enslaved African should be – he should be happy in his servitude and have no intellectual ability. He must have an infantile mind and exist only to serve and to ‘entertain’ his ‘White’ masters (particularly their children). He is servile and yet oddly ‘threatening’ to the White imagination, who give their children ‘dolls’ of this racist nightmare to play with. Black people are presented as a racially inferior being and being ‘golly’ (i.e. ‘joyful’ and ‘accepting’ of their demeaning status). The term ‘wog’ refers to any foreigner of colour who is believed to lack the intelligence of the White race – but the fact that White people still make (and sell) these offensive ‘toys’ just goes to show how ‘un-intelligent’ many White actually people are. I have come across ‘golly wogs’ in a number of shops in Torquay and Paignton (including the famous and otherwise ‘genteel’ Cockington Village) – places where the far-right (and its racism) is very strong. Not so long ago, the Livermead Cliff Hotel was proud to host a conference for the racist UKIP – a hotel that hypocritically plays host to thousands of foreigners each year – and the local ‘Stagecoach’ bus company placed racist UKIP adverts on its buses, whilst Torbay Council allowed UKIP placards to be placed around the town and along the side of the local motorway. Local churches – both protestant and catholic – have advertised both UKIP and BNP on their church billboards as far away as Totnes! As can be gleamed, the Torbay and surrounding area has a major issue with racist attitudes and viewpoints which is not helped by an apathetic local police force – which has in the past took the side of the racist over that of the obvious victim. There is a complete lack of Socialist consciousness in this area and a routine functioning of a ‘false’ consciousness which I will expose through this blog. African people are human-beings and are not racially, morally, intellectually or culturally inferior. Black people ARE NOT ‘golly wogs’!





The Slave Mentality…

All unjustifiable violence is shocking and appalling.  Violence exists everywhere and is not limited to one ethnic group.  What is observable in this video is the failure of capitalism, and the continued unfolding of oppressive history.  The psychological, and physical violence meted-out to the African people enslaved and brutalised by the White race – re-emerges here in the unthinking, unfeeling, and insane actions of a group of African-American youths, as they beat an older African-American man in an apparent attempt to steal his meagre belongings.  This re-emerging of cycles of anger, hatred and violence, has its origin not in the Black imagination (or lack of it), or in somekind of ‘White’ imagined deficiency in Black culture, but is reflective of the Black experience hundreds of years ago under White oppression.  It is an experience that has its roots preserved in modern, capitalist America, where all non-White people are sub-ordinate to the White population, regardless of the sentimentality of bourgeois law, which offers at best a certain safety and equality of sorts, if only the individual can afford to prove it. Bourgeois law only applies to those with the wealth to ‘prove’ that the required law applies to their person – no money, no protection – this is how the capitalist system functions.  Those with money are lifted to the top, and those without money sink into the capitalist cess-pit of violence and despair – as is seen here.  As the US system has continuously abused, misrepresented, and lied about Scientific Socialism, the oppressed Black masses have nothing to fall back upon except White bourgeois culture and religion – the very social and cultural structures that guarantee their continued oppression.  Black people must self-study wherever they live, and help one another to understand Marxism.  The false ‘slave mentality’ must be understood for what it is, and thrown-off, and advanced Socialist beings must be formed in its place.  Pointless violence must stop, and disciplined self-defence workers’ committees established in its place.  Black working class people must join with White working class people and over-throw the White bourgeois domination – not for limited ends – but for expansive universal achievements.  Black and White working class people must unite to free the entire working class from its middle class domination.

1959 Marked New Era for Tibet


What the duplicitous Pro-Tibetan Movement does not want the rest of the world to know is that news about Tibet is available through Chinese media in English (and other languages).  In Tibet since 2009, Serfs Emancipation Day has been designated as March the 28th. This was the day that millions of slaves in Tibet were freed from their suffering in 1959.  For regular updates in English, (and to access the original article below), please visit:

China Tibet Online

Tibetans have enjoyed great benefit from the rapid economic development and sound infrastructure since China started democratic reform in Tibet in 1959. Tibetans now live a free, prosperous and civilized life, and with the loving care and efforts of the Central Government, millions of emancipated serfs participated in national and local administration as masters of the country and their own destiny. The Serfs’ Emancipation Day was established in 2009, and with its first anniversary approaching, we fully realize that Tibet entered a new era on March 28, 1959.

Before 1959, most Tibetans suffered immensely from the centuries-old feudal serfdom system, which had several typical characteristics. First, the socio-economic structure was severely deformed. Tibetan officials, lords, and upper-class monks, who made up only 5 percent of the population, occupied all the land, pastures and owned most of the livestock in Tibet. Around 95 percent of the population was composed of serfs and slaves who owned no land.

Second, Tibet used to be theocratic and temples occupied 36.8 percent of Tibetan land. The upper-class monks, as principal political rulers, owned the most serfs in Tibet, and also controlled the Tibetan people tightly in the fields of culture and religion.

Third, slavery remained influential. The old Tibetan codes divided people into three classes and nine ranks. For example, serf owners could lease, mortgage, and sell serfs to other nobles freely. Poor monks were actually enslaved by upper-class monks and had neither personal freedom nor rights to read cultural or religious books.

With the issuance of a State Council Decree by former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, Tibet’s history was fundamentally changed. A theocratic, autocratic regime ruled by the feudal serf-owner class was overthrown and the people’s democratic organs of state power were established. The ownership system, under which, the means of production were manipulated by the “three types of lords” was abolished. The personal slavery that the “three types of lords” imposed on the serf class was repealed, and thus numerous serfs and slaves gained freedom and became the masters of their fates.

The exploitation through usury and forced unpaid labour was banned so emancipated serfs could enjoy the results of their work for the first time. The legal codes, which protected only the feudal serf-owner class, were abolished in favour of a legal system which preserves the people’s rights and interests as the masters of the country.

In summary, an era during which 95 percent of Tibetan people had no human rights came to an end, and numerous serfs and slaves were completely emancipated and became their own masters. All the accomplishments began with a great day – March 28, 1959.

Since democratic reform, huge changes have taken place in Tibet. For several decades, the CPC has created a miracle in Tibet by fulfilling what Tibet itself failed to do over its past thousands of years.

Let us look at the economic development in Tibet. Over the past 5 decades, Tibet realized the rapid development of modern agriculture, animal husbandry, industry, transportation, commerce, trade, tourism and the modern service industry by implementing large-scale socialist transformation and construction. This has been achieved through the transition from a planned economy system to a market economy system. At present, a relatively complete national economic system with Tibetan characteristics has been established.

When the democratic reform was at its initial stage, the total output value of Tibet was only 174 million yuan in 1959. However, it reached roughly 39.6 billion yuan in 2008, a 65-fold increase, adjusting for inflation, with the annual growth rate standing at 8.9 percent. At the same time, the per-capita GDP of Tibet was 142 yuan in 1959. Since, it hiked to 1,000 yuan in 1989, 5,000 yuan in 2001, and 10,000 yuan in 2006. In 2008, it further rose to 13,700 yuan, increasing by 13,558 yuan from 1959.

Since the Third National Conference on Tibetan Work, Tibet has witnessed a double-digit increase in GDP, with the annual growth rate reaching 13 percent, exceeding China’s average figures during the same period. Meanwhile, the grain output of Tibet rose from 182,900 tons in 1959 to 950,000 tons in 2008. In addition, the average grain output for 1 mu in Tibet rose from 80 kilograms in 1959 to 269 kilograms in 2007. The livestock inventory in Tibet also rose from 9.56 million in 1959 to 24 million in 2008.

People of all ethnic groups in Tibet who have witnessed the huge changes are quite clear that the new socialist Tibet would not exist without the CPC. The CPC has been protecting the fundamental interests of the Tibetan people and only by upholding the leadership of the CPC, the socialist system and the system of regional autonomy for ethnic minorities, can we guarantee a more beautiful future for Tibet.

By People’s Daily Online

The Oppressed Will Fight Back (Dallas)

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The white middle class run the US for its own profit. US history is nothing but a white middle class sentimentalist view of itself. In 1776, the British white middle class in America freed itself from direct political control in London. Its motivation was ‘greed’ as it wanted to keep all its profit for itself and nolonger send it back to Britain. This right to regional greed was packaged as ‘freedom’, and the use of ‘armed’ defiance (i.e. ‘terrorism’) against the British Authorities was presented as ‘freedom fighting’. This turned British bourgeois law on its head. Whereas British Citizens were forbidden by law to carry fire-arms, the British middle class in America encouraged its own working class to carry and use arms against the British Authorities. The US ‘Right to Bear Arms’ is in effect a defiance of British Law. The white US middle class today regrets giving its working class the right to bear arms, simply because it has settled into the usual bourgeois habit of systemic domination. Armed civilians hinder the hegemony of this bourgeois dominance, and every effort is made to curb gun-ownership and gun-use throughout US society (whilst hypocritically appearing to ‘ensure’ gun-ownership, etc). This attitude has nothing to do with ‘caring’ about the American people, but everything to do with preventing the US working class over-throwing the US middle class and effecting a ‘true’ American Revolution (rather than the sham of 1776). Race is a major issue in this middle class control mechanism that defines US society.  Racial stereotype, discrimination and prejudice permeates the US system, and is premised upon how the white middle class perceives Blacks, Asian, Chinese, Latino and ordinary (working class) White people.  The US system is awash with a racist toxicity designed to keep the different ethnic groups from uniting with one another, and then uniting with the White working class in an attempt to confront white middle class hegemony and the oppression it enforces.  African-Americans exist in the US due to the British institution of the Transatlantic slave industry.  This saw millions of Black people stolen from their homes in Africa and transported on ships to the Americas – to work for nothing for the White middle class.  Although Lincoln freed the slaves from the legal status of ‘slavery’, he did not free them from the institution of US racism.  US racism views ALL Black people as sub-human, and prone to aberrant behaviour.  This is the status of the disempowered ‘slave’ projected onto modern Black people (by racist Whites) who view themselves as fully ‘human’.  However, the US Police enforces White, bourgeois law, and police officers act as storm-troopers for the white middle class.  It is the function of a police officer to protect the middle class from all aspects of the working class.  As the false image of Black people is one of racialised degradation, the US police are given an ‘unwritten’ ability to enforce the law in a manner that is not entirely ‘legal’ or ‘lawful’.  Therefore White police officers can murder Black people for no reason, and the US system supports that behaviour.  There is little justice for the murdered or their families.  By pursuing this racist policy, the White US system is saying that it is the fault of African-Americans for being ‘Black’, and in no way the fault of the White police officer who pulls the trigger for no reason other than colour prejudice disguised as established ‘procedure’.  As the US system allows its citizens to be armed, it is only to be expected that the victims of this racialised police brutality will oneday use those arms against the police themselves.  The situation has arose because no on (not even ‘Black’ President Obama) will do anything about the manner in which the US police exercises its right to take the life of US citizens.  When a human grouping is under attack, (and Black people in the US have been under collective attack from the White establishment for centuries), elements of that community will eventually fight-back.  What I find remarkable is not the killing of US police officers in Dallas recently, but the fact that African-Americans as a distinct ethnic group, have NOT historically responded to the hatred and death meted out to them by the White racist establishment in this manner, despite the most heinous crimes being committed against them.

Joseph Stalin Against Anarchist Terror & Assissanation

Chinese Text Reads: Great Stalin - Saviour of the Peace

Chinese Text Reads: Great Stalin – Saviour of the Peace

Joseph Stalin died in 1953.  In 1956 – Nikita Khrushchev – in an attempt to consolidate his own premiership of the Soviet Union – issued his now famous ‘Secret Speech’ which was extensively ‘leaked’ to the world’s media.  In it, Khrushchev made allegations against Joseph Stalin that mirrored the anti-Socialist distortion of world history as perpetuated by the United States since the end of WWII, and which played directly into the anti-working class hands of the UK’s racist Winston Churchill.  In fact, it can be accurately stated that Khrushchev’s deceptive rhetoric caused the Sino-Soviet Split, and led directly to the collapse of the USSR under Mikhail Gorbachev just 35 years later.  Since the collapse of the USSR, the US academic professor George Furr has had unlimited access to the Soviet era government archives.  His meticulous and well researched findings have been published in the West – conveying the obvious conclusion that Khrushchev’s allegations against Stalin are fallacious and have no bearing in historical fact.  Khrushchev’s argument has been dismantled point by point and the only conclusion left is that Khrushchev lied.

Contained in Stalin’s Collected Works Vol. II, there is a chapter entitled ‘Economic Terrorism and the Labour Movement’.  This is embarrassing reading for the bourgeois capitalist forces of the West, as Stalin clearly speaks out about pointless acts of anarchist inspired terrorism.  The entire chapter reads:

The workers’ struggle does not always and everywhere assume the same form.

There was a time when in fighting their employers the workers smashed machines and set fire to factories. Machines are the cause of poverty! The factory is the seat of oppression! Therefore, smash and burn them!— said the workers at that time.

That was the period of unorganised, anarchist-rebel conflicts.

We know also of other cases where the workers, disillusioned with incendiarism and destruction, adopted “more violent forms”—killing directors, managers, foremen, etc. It is impossible to destroy all the machines and all the factories, said the workers at that time, and besides, it is not in the workers’ interests to do so, but it is always possible to frighten the managers and knock the starch out of them by means of terrorism— therefore, beat them up, terrify them!

This was the period of individual terroristic conflicts stemming from the economic struggle.

The labour movement sharply condemned both these forms of struggle and made them a thing of the past.

This is understandable. There is no doubt that the factory is indeed the seat of exploitation of the workers, and the machine still helps the bourgeoisie to extend this exploitation, but this does not mean that the machine and the factory are in themselves the cause of poverty. On the contrary, it is precisely the factory and the machine that will enable the proletariat to break the chains of slavery, abolish poverty and vanquish all oppression—all that is needed is that the factories and machines be transformed from the private property of individual capitalists into the public property of the people.

On the other hand, what would our lives become if we set to work to destroy and burn the machines, factories and railways? It would be like living in a dreary desert, and the workers would be the first to lose their bread! . . .

Clearly, we must not smash up the machines and factories, but gain possession of them, when that becomes possible, if we are indeed striving to abolish poverty.

That is why the labour movement rejects anarchist-rebel conflicts.

There is no doubt that economic terrorism also has some apparent “justification,” in so far as it is resorted to in order to intimidate the bourgeoisie. But what is the use of this intimidation if it is transient and fleeting? That it can only be transient is clear from the one fact alone that it is impossible to resort to economic terrorism always and everywhere. That is the first point. The second point is: Of what use to us is the fleeting fear of the bourgeoisie and the concessions this fear may wring from it if we have not behind us a powerful, mass, workers’ organisation, which will always be ready to fight for the workers’ demands and be capable of retaining the concessions we have won? Indeed facts tell us convincingly that economic terrorism kills the desire for such an organisation, robs the workers of the urge to unite and come out independently—since they have terrorist heroes who are able to act for them. Should we cultivate the spirit of independent action among the workers? Should we cultivate the desire for unity among the workers? Of course we should! But can we resort to economic terrorism if it kills the desire for both among the workers?

No, comrades! It is against our principles to terrorise the bourgeoisie by means of individual, stealthy acts of violence. Let us leave such “deeds” to the notorious terrorist elements. We must come out openly against the bourgeoisie, we must keep it in a state of fear all the time, until final victory is achieved! And for this we need not economic terrorism, but a strong mass organisation which will be capable of leading the workers into the struggle.

That is why the labour movement rejects economic terrorism.

In view of what has been said above, the resolution recently adopted by the strikers at Mirzoyev’s against incendiarism and “economic” assassination is of special interest. In this resolution the joint commission of the 1,500 men at Mirzoyev’s, after mentioning the setting fire to a boiler room (in Balakhany) and the assassination of a manager on economic grounds (Surakhany), declares that it “protests against such methods of struggle as assassination and incendiarism” (see Gudok, No. 24).

By this the men at Mirzoyev’s announced their final rupture with the old, terrorist, rebel tendencies.

By this they resolutely took the path of the true labour movement.

We greet the comrades at Mirzoyev’s and call upon all the workers to take the path of the proletarian mass movement as resolutely as they have done.

Gudok, , No. 25, March 30, 1908


The Sun Newspaper: Right Wing Weapon

The Sun newspaper is, of course, not a newspaper in any real sense of the term, but is rather a printed organ of propaganda that perpetuates the message of the right wing.  It achieves this ideological objective by deliberately appealing to the gross ignorance of the working-class.  This ignorance is the product of a ruthless bourgeois system that advocates a rigid class system based upon economic and educational privilege.  Those who pull the strings behind the Sun newspaper are not from the working-class – on the contrary, they hail firmly from the middle-class.  They possess a demeaning attitude toward those that the Sun newspaper is aimed at.  They pretend to as if at one with their readership, when in fact they are pursuing a definite and exact covert political agenda.  Working-class people can lack understanding because they have been excluded from the higher aspects of the education system, or failed by its schooling.  Those who produce the Sun newspaper are very well aware of this.  Their object is to extenuate, magnify, extol, and legitimise this state of poor education and create a sub-culture of working-class pride in base ignorance, prejudice, and greed.  Those who fall into the trap of accepting the rhetoric of the Sun newspaper often feel, mistakenly, that they are being empowered by seeing what is packaged as ‘their opinion’ splashed across the newspaper every day.  Many even read this newspaper with a sense of pride, and have absolutely no idea of the damage the Sun newspaper is doing to the welfare and development of the working-class itself.

The middle-class, through the use of the Sun newspaper, turns the working-class against itself.  It perpetuates hatred, racism, and envy, encouraging unjust action against blacks and ethnic minorities, as well as migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.  It attacks the NHS and the Welfare State, pouring scorn and criticism upon those who are required to make use of their facilities and benefits.  It once described a young woman defending herself against a baton wielding mounted police officer as ‘scum’, and routinely calls for the working-class to attack the very institutions that have been built-up over the years that were designed to assist the balancing of society.  The middle-class always envies the upper-class and attempts to mimic them in everyway.  The middle-class, although less in number, hates the working-class who make-up the majority of people in British society.  If every working-class person voted in the UK, the right wing Conservative Party and the equally Right Wing Liberal Democrat Party, would never be elected.  To prevent this situation from manifesting the Sun newspaper exists to convince a significant proportion of the working-class that their best interests lie in middle-class ideals.  To aid this mission it is important to those who produce the Sun that the working-class remain poorly educated and never realise the confidence trick that is being perpetuated at their expense.          

Middle-class ideals, by there very nature, exists to keep the working-class impoverished, downtrodden, and excluded from high paid employment and higher education.  The point of this is to keep the working-class from realising the predicament they are in, and organising en mass to do some thing about it.  To prevent this organising across society, the Sun newspaper acts as an ideological weapon that creates derision, disharmony, disunity, and resentment throughout the working-class, which encourages a routine anger that is aimed at one another within that class.  The working-class can not unite if it is riddled with a right wing ideology that blames the poverty and the suffering experienced as being the product of other members of the working-class, immigrants, dole cheats, Muslims, and any number of other imagined groups declared unsound by the Sun editor.  The Working-class is, of course, an international movement that exists beyond any mistaken notions of race.  For the Sun newspaper, the concept of race is very important because the middle-class believe that their success in life is not due to the innate inequalities existing within a society, but is rather due to their own hard work.  This confirms for them the strict hierarchy that they which to see in British society, with all other races being deemed to be of a lesser biological worth.  The Sun newspaper achieves this simply by printing nonsense, fiction, prejudice, and lies on a daily basis.  It is bought by the working-class who are effectively giving their money directly to the right wing Conservative Party, who when elected set about dismantling every social institute designed to help the downtrodden, vulnerable, and the oppressed.  The Sun newspaper represents at least some of the links in the enslaving chains that Karl Marx advised should be cast off.  In this respect the working-class should unite and boycott the Sun newspaper and follow the example of the comrades in Liverpool.

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