Falun Gong Cult: Dharia Lurie Sends Me An Email! (25.5.2023)

Blogger’s Note: Even a cursory glance at the documents available in the West regarding the Falun Gong Cult will demonstrate the extent to which the academic establishment has bent over backwards to accommodate this fascistic, right-wing fabrication! The man that runs it – Li Hongzhi – (if he is still ‘alive’ – a point of much debate) is obviously suffering from a mental illness that requires treatment! What responsible members of the Western intelligentsia should be doing is WARNING ordinary people about this movement and advising that children be kept AWAY from this group – which has been associated with kidnap, rape, sexual abuse and trafficking! And that is just the Falun Gong Cult criminality known to have been committed in the West and dealt with by Law Enforcement and the Judiciary! The Falu Gong Cult is a ‘re-imagining’ of what the racist West (primarily the CIA) thinks that China’s past should look like! The Falun Gong Cult has NO historicity within China and is very much a ‘foreign’ construct designed to bring down the Socialist government from within. This US attempt at constructing a religious FAKE resistance movement has obviously FAILED! Still, this failure does not prevent the Western taxpayer from having to continuously finance the massive legal fees the Falun Gong Cult has to pay when its criminality is ‘exposed’ and ‘prevented’ in the West! Yes – the Paedophilia committed by this group is financed by the parents of the very same child ‘victims’ which have been targeted, kidnapped and raped by the followers of Li Hongzhi! This unthinking support for the Falun Gong Cult in the West is part of this endless cycle of exploitation!

From: Dharia Lurie <freebuffalo77@gmail.com>

To: divineismOfficial@gmail.com

Subject:Fwd: How Humankind Came To Be

Date: Friday, 19 May 2023 15:58

‘How Humankind Came To Be

“… New Year’s would normally be a time for sharing a few pleasant remarks about the occasion. But I am seeing imminent danger approaching humanity, and have been called upon by divine beings to pass along, for this reason, several things to everyone in this world. Each of what I am about to disclose is a higher, closely guarded secret, and these are being shared to provide a true picture of affairs, and to give people another chance at salvation.”


Why the Creator Seeks to Save All Life

“…The Creator is the Lord of all divine beings in the Cosmos. He is the maker of the Lord of lords, of the King of kings, and He is the Sovereign of all lives—including the Three Realms’ human lives, spiritual beings, and material things, all of which He made. His love is the highest and most sacred blessing for all lives! There is no greater honor for any person in this world than to be loved by Him!”

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