Soviet Red Banner Flags (1941-1945) Stolen by the Nazi Germans and Their Allies! (25.5.2023)

Captured By Nazi Germans: Banner of the 132nd Separate Battalion (NKVD) Escort Troops Defending the BREST FORTRESS Together with the USSR Border Guards!

The Hitlerite regime, following its own peculiar anti-intellectualism, stated that the ‘Nordic’ people were a) racially superior – whilst the ‘Russians’ (the clear historical descendants of ‘Nordic’ explorers) were b) racially inferior. What was Hitler’s logic for this? He had decided that the ‘Vikings’ who had arrived in what would become ‘Russia’ – had ‘race-mixed’ with local (indigenous) women and had watered down the ‘purity’ of their Northern European race with that of the debilitation of the ‘Asiatic’ races! Furthermore, this sullying was made worse with the contemporary Russian population ‘race-mixing’ with ‘Jews’ (the ‘Bolsheviks’) – which had polluted the Russian gene-pool further by generating the taint of ‘Marxism’ throughout the nation! What was Hitler’s answer to this conundrum? Simple – if the physical bodies of the Russians can be ‘destroyed’ through warfare – this (Jewish-Marxist) ‘taint’ is removed and society ‘purified’ – so that a new tomorrow can be constructed! He would then move ethnic German people into this newly conquered land and enjoy all the new ‘living space’, houses, food supplies and property, etc, such a victory would secure! This led to the war fought between the USSR and Nazi Germany (1941-1945) through which the Hitlerites sought to ‘eradicate’ the entire Slavic race! This conflict took place on what the Nazi Germans termed the Eastern Front – whilst for the Soviets – all the fighting took place in the West (indeed, where it is still happening today)! Capturing Soviet Red Flags was something of a national sport for the Hitlerites! Examples include those Red Flags captured by the Fascist Forces of the Axis Powers invading the USSR – including the Nazi Germans, the Fascist Italians, the Fascist Finns and the Fascist Romanians! This article remembers these ‘Red Banners of Human Freedom’!

The Reverse Side of the Red Banner of the 132nd Separate Battalion (NKVD) Escort Troops!
Soviet Battle Flag – 103rd Rifle Regiment!
Soviet Regimental Flag – 243 Infantry Regiment (181 Infantry Division)!

Nazi German Reconnaissance Battalion – Captured Soviet Red Banners (Ukraine) – Summer 1941!

Soviet Red Banner of Honour Reads “Best Company of the Battalion”!
Transitional Soviet Red Banner (1941)!
SS Division “Das Reich” Paedophilic Trophy – SOVIET RED BANNER CHILDREN’S PIONEER DETAIL!
Kuban – Caucasus 1942 – Captured Soviet Red Banner!
Russian Language: “Be Ready to Fight for the Cause of Lenin-Stalin!”
Nazi German Paedophilic Trophy – Yet Another Soviet Children’s Banner!
Stolen from the ‘Young Communist Pioneers’ or ‘Young October Pioneers”
Nazi Germans with USSR Red Banner of Freedom!

Non-Military Soviet Red Banner – Honorary – Awarded for Labour Success! (Belarus)!

Soviet Red Banner Captured in Belarus!
Ukraine. Transitional Red Banner “From the Port Headquarters on Loan”!
Nazi German Pose with Captured Soviet Red Banner of the Ukrainian SSR!
Ukraine – Soviet Red Banner of the Collective Farm Organization – “New way”!
Captured Red Banner – “Liquidate All Kulak-Class Enemies!”
Luftwaffe NCO (Corporal) – Flag of the Union of Workers of the Meat Refrigeration Industry (Smolensk)!
Soviet Red Banner of Marx & Stalin – Crimea (1942)!
Fascist Italian (Catholic) Army – Captured Soviet Red Banner!
Romanian (Fascist) Army – Soviet Red Flag!
Romanian Mountain Units – Captured Soviet Red Banner (Caucasus) 26.9.1942!
Soviet Red Army Soldiers “Forced” to Pose with Their Captured Red Flags!

Fascist Finnish Army – Various Captured Soviet Red Banners!

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