What the Holy Qur’an Says About the Moon Splitting in Two! (28.3.2023) 

‘The first verses of al-Qamar are understood by the vast majority of commentators as a reference to a miracle performed by the Prophet. One evening he was addressing a group of disbelievers and Muslims on the plain of Mina, just outside of Makkah. The disbelievers had been disputing with the Prophet for several days, demanding a miracle as proof of his prophethood, and they began to do so again. The Prophet then raised his hand and pointed to the moon, whereupon it appeared to separate into two halves, one on either side of nearby Mt. Hira. He then said, “Bear witness!”, and the line of separation disappeared. All were left speechless, but his opponents soon discounted it as an illusion produced by sorcery. According to one account, one of the disbelievers said, “Muhammed has merely bewitched us, but he cannot bewitch the entire world. Let us wait for travellers to come from faraway places and hear what reports they bring.” Then, when some travellers arrived in Makkah a few days later, they confirmed that they too had witnessed the splitting of the moon.’

China Issues Report on U.S. Human Rights Violations in 2022! (28.3.2023)

Overseas military operations have caused humanitarian catastrophes. On Dec. 20, 2022, non-profit U.S. media outlet Common Dreams pointed out in an article titled “Warren, Jacobs Accuse Pentagon of Vastly Undercounting Civilians Killed by US Military” that according to data from the UK-based monitor group Airwars, U.S. airstrikes alone have killed as many as 48,000 civilians in nearly 100,000 bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen since 2001. According to data released by the Costs of War project at Brown University, since the 21st century, the U.S. government undertook what it labeled “counterterrorism” activities in 85 countries, directly killing at least 929,000 people and displacing 38 million people. And the U.S. military operations around the world have violated freedom and human rights of people in the United States and other countries. A woman and two children were killed in U.S. drone strikes in the Al-Hadba area of Al-Wadi, Yemen, on Nov. 30, 2022. “… the violence that characterizes the modern United States at home and in its conduct overseas — from the prevalence of gun — related deaths to the controversies over preemptive military action and drone strikes.”

If the Far-Right Devised an Infiltration Strategy… (25.3.2023)

Once the mythical ‘White’ construct is in place, then this ‘Daniel Schmidt’ could choose a ‘sacrificial lamb’ from a plethora of academic offerings – and simply have fun building a false narrative around all kinds of imagined injustices, provocations and stereotypes! His semi-religious message would then be trumpeted far and wide throughout the US-controlled social media platforms – leaving no room for doubt that although the White Europeans control the Western world – an analysis of the history of this ‘control’ must be treated with distrust, aggression and even an intellectual disdain! This is an important approach as the propagation of ‘White’ victimhood is used by the far-right to ‘hide’ and ‘obscure’ the true power the White Europeans possess, and the destructive manner in which this power has been used in the past and is continued to be used today.  

DPRK: Churches and Religious Life in Pyongyang! (23.3.2023) 

North Korea has three Christian Churches – all located in the capital – Pyongyang. Among them are the Qigu (七谷) or ‘Seven Valleys’ Church and the Fengxiu (凤岫) or ‘Phoenix Mountain Peak’ Church – which belong to Protestantism. The Jiangzhong (奖忠) or ‘Reward Loyalty’ Church belongs to the Catholic Church – which has a history of more than ten years (writing in 2005). In addition, the first Orthodox Church is still under construction. North Korea has around 13,000 Protestants and about 3,000 Catholics. Every Sunday – all Christian and Catholic believers go to these established Church – or nearby House Churches. Religious activities – such as worship or mass – are ‘protected’ and ‘guaranteed’ under the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK! Indeed, the above photograph (dated 17.7.2005) features a female ‘Deacon’ collecting donations within the ‘Fengxiu’ (Protestant) Church! 

Chinese Christian Three (Sided) Self-Reliant Patriotic Movement Committee! (23.3.2023)

This three-sided (independent) self-management of the Church encourages Christians across the country to love their country, love the Church, honour God and benefit people; Strengthen the unity inside and outside the Church, provide services for well-run Churches in China and guide Christians across the country to play an active role in promoting economic and social development. After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party China (CPC) – Ding Guangxun (丁光训), Luo Guanzong (罗冠宗), Ji Jianhong (季剑虹) and Fu Xianwei (傅先伟) – all successively served as the Chairpersons of the Chinese Christian Three (Sided) Self-Reliant Patriotic Movement Committee.

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