Zionist Israel Possesses the Missile Capability to Strike the UK! (13.5.2023)

Of course, it is not only the unarmed populations of Palestine (or Syria) that are being systematically blanket-bombed into oblivion by an insane government suffering from religious delusions! Zionist Israel periodically carries out numerous (illegal) ‘military strikes’ (and ‘assassinations’) against any country that has a) voiced its opposition to the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people, or b) dared to take direct (material) action in an attempt to STOP this ongoing eradication in racist (physical) destruction! Zionist Israel achieves this level of destruction (in part) through the use of advanced missile technology gifted to it by the US, UK and EU – places that possess highly influential Zionist Movements (although there does exist an equally extensive anti-Zionist network of Jewish activism). The problem is that the Bourgeois State (which controls the capitalist West and its non-Western satellites) supports and encourages this Zionist aggression – which is embodied in this ongoing terrorist action (or the ‘threat’ of such action) because this Zionist manifestation of overwhelming military power destabilises the Middle East and serves to further US geo-political interests in the region!

Whereas the Obama Administration started the attack on Syria from 2013 onwards – it has been Zionist Israel which has continued the violence in the name of the US (as US Administrations change) – with only Russia coming to the aid of Syria in a bid to prevent a similar overthrow of Arab Socialism (already achieved by the US and their Zionists allies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya)! The leaked Hillary Clinton emails specified her plans to join Zionist Israel in an attack on the Islamic (Socialist) Republic of Iran if she was elected ‘President’! In the meantime, it is not the blessing of some ‘unseen’ God that keeps Zionist Israel militarily dominant in the region – but rather the continues flow of advanced weaponry the Western Democracies keep supplying to this maniacal (and religiously motivated) government, steeped as Israel is in the ‘divine’ racist theory that inspires and justifies the very existence of this ‘Zionist’ State!

The irony is that Zionist Israel cannot only (militarily) strike anywhere in the UK whenever it feels the need – but it can carry out this feat BECAUSE the UK has given it the ability to do so! The UK has armed a potential enemy – one that perpetuated a brutal and ruthless terrorist war against the British in Palestine during the early to mid 20th century and which could – in theory – launch a missile strike on UK targets should British policy change in support of the Palestinians, or Britain demands that all the UN condemnations of Israeli military action be taken seriously! This would require the International Community following the UN guidance regarding its (historical) allegations accusing Israel of 1) War Crimes and 2) Crimes Against Humanity (committed in Palestine) and various other theatres in the Middle East (including the murder of a UN Ambassador and an Israeli airstrike on a US warship)! This criminal activity is continuing today as I write – with more Palestinians being murdered by a vicious religiously justified regime that exists to reinforce a version of White Supremacist ideology (Zionism) that hides behind a veneer of fake victimhood!

NOTE: I have referenced an ‘Al Jazeera’ article which gives voice to the ‘White’ racism that is ‘Zionism’ from the viewpoint of the Arab polution that suffers under the Israeli yoke. However, this Qatari-based news outlet is ‘unreliable’ in the fight against ‘racism’ as it routinely aligns itself with ‘White’ (Bourgeois) anti-China racism – and can be seen continuously giving vent to all kinds of ‘false’ and ‘fake’ news regarding this ‘Socialist’ country. Indeed, it is this US-friendly ‘anti-Socialist’ stance that explains ‘why’ this ‘Arab’ Channel (that openly criticises Zionist Israel) is permitted to a) ‘exist’ and b) ‘not’ face any retribution (either militarily or financially) for its Editorial stance! Just as long as it serves the US-purpose of denying the validity of ‘Socialism’ and performs the function of denigrating China and telling (‘Western’ and ‘Zionist’ derived) ‘lies’ about the Islamic populations of that country – then the continuation of its broadcasting license (and its physical existence) is guaranteed by Washington DC – an agreement that keeps the Israeli airforce (and missiles) from striking targets in Doha! The extent of the value of this dual purpose for the West can be seen in this ‘non-footballing’ nation being granted the honour of hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup! Al Jazeera reject Arab Socialism (and supports the Western overthrow of all such regimes) – but claims to reject Zionist ideology whilst NOT supporting the ‘Socialist’ Resistance (Islamic) Fighters that operate in the region – offering the only tangible opposition to the terrorist policies and aggression perpetuated by Zionist Israel and its US ally!

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