The Mysterious ‘2015’ Death of the First Russian Army Soldier – Private Kostenko – to Die in Syria! (22.5.2023) 

Having cross-referenced Russian-language texts I can confirm that Sergeant SOKUROV Eduard (СОКУРОВ Эдуард) did indeed die whilst serving in Syria prior to Vadim Kostenko. The distinction seems to be that Vadim Kostenko was ‘Contracted’ to serve a set time and in a set place – and was not a Career Soldier – or a Professional Specialist as was Edward Sokurov. Vadim Kostenko, therefore, was the first ‘ordinary’ Russian Army soldier to ‘die’ in Syria (but was the ‘second’ to die overall). Still, given the Great Patriotic War numbers that are dying in Donbass today – discussion of individual cases of mortality (confronting US hegemony around the world) seems almost superfluous and self-indulgent by comparison!

Zionist Israel Possesses the Missile Capability to Strike the UK! (13.5.2023)

The irony is that Zionist Israel can not only militarily strike anywhere in the UK whenever it feels the need – but it can carry out this feat only because the UK has given it the ability to do so in the first place! The UK has armed a potential enemy – one that perpetuated a brutal and ruthless terrorist war against the British in Palestine during the 20th century – and which could in theory launch a missile strikes on UK targets should British policy change in support of the Palestinians, or Britain demands that all the UN condemnations of Israeli military action be taken seriously! This would require the International Community to follow the UN guidance regarding its (historical) allegations accusing Israel of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity committed in Palestine and various other theatres in the Middle East! These criminal activity is continuing today as I write – with more Palestinians being murdered by a vicious religiously justified regime that exists to reinforce a version of White Supremacist ideology (Zionism) that hides behind a veneer of fake victimhood!

Palestine: Martyrdom of Commander Khader Adnan [خضر عدنان] Celebrated! (4.5.2023)

The Zionist Aggressors only took him hospital when they were reassured by their doctors that his death was guaranteed! As a result, he passed away as a Martyr, a Resistance Fighter and a symbol of the Captive Palestinian Movement! The Zionist Occupation is responsible for his killing! The PFLP called upon all Palestinian factions and military arms to exert more effort with the aim of capturing Zionist soldiers and exchanging them for Palestinian prisoners – because it is the only language that the Zionist enemy understands!

DPR: International Workers’ Day (May 1st) – was Celebrated in Gorlovka! (2.5.2023)

This process is both ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’ – and that the US interpretation of the situation is ‘wrong’ and the US support for the Neo-Nazi regime (Obama put into power during 2014) is illegitimate and unwanted! What this means is that the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian presence in Donbass is now ‘illegal’ and ‘unlawful’ – and that the now ‘Independent’ and ‘sovereign’ nations of the DNR and LNR have every right to ‘expel’ the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Forces – and to request Russian military action to assist in this objective! Where this process has been achieved – the local inhabitants have been able to celebrate May 1st – as the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians had originally ‘banned’ it – and implemented the US ‘Labor Day’ (‘Labour’ is spelt ‘wrong’ in the US) which happens in September and is designed to recognise the control of the workers by the all-poweful Management – the exact opposit of the ‘Socialist’ May 1st celebration!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Moscow Anarchist “Dmitry Petrov” (Дмитрий Петров) Killed Near Bakhmut! (29.4.2023)

In Ukraine, Moscow Anarchist – Dmitry Petrov (Дмитрий Петров) – died in a battle fought near Bakhmut! He died fighting for the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Cause. This what is known about his life:

In the battle near Bakhmut, a well-known Moscow Anarchist died fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of the Right Sector (a US-backed extremist organisation “Banned” in Russia). His name is “Dmitry Petrov” (Дмитрий Петров). After his death, his Comrades-in-Arms published his Obituary – which explained that he was behind the Anarchist (Militant) Organization – that carried out sabotage in Russia!

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