Human Rights Groups “Concerned” Over Extension of Mainland Driving Standards to Hong Kong! (8.6.2023)

Human Rights Groups in the West contest that 90% of ALL road accidents across the world either directly involve a Chinese person – or are watched “online” by a person of Chinese ethnic decent (possessing one or more ethnic Chinese parents). A spokesperson for these Human Right Groups contested, “We are very concerned by this threat from the Mainland government! Beijing is acting like Hong Kong is an integral part of China and that it possesses the right to align the cultures of the two places! The extension of Mainland driving standards to Hong Kong is a violation of every known international agreement designed to protect individuals from the excesses of governments!”

Normandy: Remembering the Allied Sacrifices of D-Day (6.6.1944) – 79th Anniversary! (6.6.2023)

The British Glider Troops were tasked with seizing local landmarks (such as ‘Pegasus Bridge’) of tactical and strategic importance from the local Nazi German defenders – and hold these assets in the face of the expected Nazi German counter-attack. Meanwhile, Arthur Gibson (as a member of the Royal Navy) was busy protecting Northern Britain by preventing a Nazi German invasion – whilst keeping the sea lanes free of Nazi German ‘mines’ so that Allied Shipping could move (free of this risk) throughout the North Atlantic. This included the assisting of the Russian (Soviet) Arctic Convoys – although the presence of Nazi German U-Boats was an ever-present threat!

McRefugee: How Mary Seow Reduced World Economics to Burger Bar Politics! (28.5.2023) 

Li Shiren moves in with Mary Seow during 2008 and the two spend six blissful months together in her four-roomed Boon Keng flat. Li Shiren then ‘disappears’ never to be seen again (not even in a McDonalds Store). Mary Seow’s family express no concern over Li Shiren’s disappearance. To date – Li Shiren has never reappeared. Meanwhile, the ‘Chinese National’ (female) friend (who is never named) then ‘works-on’ Mary Seow. This woman of suspicious character ‘persuades’ Mary Seow to ‘sell’ her four-room (Boon Keng) flat and use the proceeds (together with her lifesavings) to ‘invest’ in a transportation company situated within Mainland China. A mere 2-years later (during 2010) – Mary Seow – starts making business trips to Mainland China. Between 2008-2010, Mary Seow appears NOT to have suffered any loss of money.

Cathay Pacific Dismisses Crew Members Accused of Discriminating Against Non-English Speakers! (23.5.2023)

Most of the Flight Attendants I interacted with were young and older women from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia – and although NOT all were ethnic Chinese – all were ‘Asian’ and all had to be able to speak ‘English’ and ‘Cantonese’ (the dialect of the Chinese language spoke throughout Guangdong province, Hong Kong and various other areas of Asia outside of geographical China) – regardless of their own ethnic language. What the Cathay-Pacific Staff did NOT have to do was speak fluent ‘Putonghua’ (what the West refers to as ‘Mandarin’) the language spoken throughout Mainland China – as the business model at that time was toward the ‘West’ – and NOT toward ‘China’! Times have changed – and given that China is now an economic powerhouse – it is true that within the modern business climate just as many ethnic Chinese people from Mainland China (and elsewhere) use the Airline as Westerners – and that this change in business demographic toward the Chinese Mainland should be recognised by the British ‘Swire’ (family which still maintains a controlling shareholder stake in the business) – and reflected in the training of its Staff! The Cathay-Pacific Staff members who ‘discriminated’ against ‘Putonghua’ speakers on the flight concerned – hsve been ‘sacked’ – and I suspect this process was carried-out in a language they could ALL fully understand!

US: Frances Choy – Victim of ‘White’ US (Anti-Chinese) Racism – Chinese People Have a ‘Right’ to be ‘Chinese’! (15.5.2023)

On April 13, 2020, the prosecution filed a non-opposition to the motion and moved for an expedited evidentiary hearing. The court granted the motion to stay Frances’s sentence the same day and she was released nearly 17 years after she was first arrested on the day of the fire.

On September 8, 2020, the prosecution conceded that defense motion should be granted. The prosecution agreed that the racist and sexist emails were “reprehensible” and that the prosecution had engaged in misconduct. The prosecution said trial prosecutor Bradley had been terminated in 2013 and O’Sullivan left the office voluntarily prior to 2015. In addition, the appellate prosecutor who was assigned to handle the post-conviction requests from the defense for the emails, Gail McKenna, was terminated for withholding the information and for failing to obey court orders to disclose the information.

The prosecution also informed Frances’s lawyers that it had discovered Detective Clark’s file. The file contained his handwritten and typed notes regarding the interrogation—notes that Clark had falsely testified he had destroyed. These notes contained information that was inconsistent with Clark’s testimony. In addition, Clark’s file included previously undisclosed Brockton Police reports showing that Jimmy Choy had reported to police that Kenneth was dealing drugs and had run away from home, evidence of another possible motive for him to commit the crime.

May 8th-May 9th – 78th Victory in Europe Day Remembering Our Relatives Who Fought in WWII! (9.5.2023)

May 8th and May 9th (Russia) commemorate the Allied Victory in Europe (VE) Day! The war in Asia would rage on for at least another four months until the Soviet Red Army was ready to ‘liberate’ Mainland China from the oppressive Yoke of the Imperial Japanese and their murderous ‘Gwantung Army’! What a magnificent generation of people existed in the world at that time! These people, if they were alive today (all our family Veterans have passed away) – they would not let a US or UK government ‘dictate’ to the people that we should support a US-backed Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ government in the Ukraine!

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