Covid-19: Chinese Logic Trumps Western Racism! (11.12.2022)

In the past three years, China has equipped itself with technologies and drugs that are proven to be effective in COVID diagnosis and treatment, and also made continuous progress in pathogen detection and epidemiological investigations. Over 90 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated thanks to China’s unceasing efforts in vaccine research and development, while people’s health awareness has also been greatly enhanced.

These aggregated factors have laid a solid foundation for the current epidemic prevention and control work, and provided the precondition for further optimizations.

It is worth noting that China’s fine-tuning of its COVID policy is proactive rather than passive. While advancing the latest optimization plan, China does not shy away from acknowledging the challenges, and is determined to ramp up vaccination efforts among the elderly and increase the capacity of intensive care units (ICU).

Different countries have different national conditions in terms of medical resources and demographic situations, and differ in sociocultural orientation. As the world stands at a crossroads and humanity is faced with COVID-19 as a common enemy, we need to focus on mutual understanding and cooperation, and must let go of ego and bias.

Blind Chinese Footballer Brings Hope to Children in the Dark! (14.9.2022)

Zou sewed a bell to the inside of a football to produce sound, dismantled a bed board to use as fence, and coached his blind students on cement, resulting in many injuries.

Zou repeatedly encouraged Wang, saying “Try again, don’t be afraid”.

Wang had two front teeth broken and his mouth filled with blood during fierce competition at the 9th National Paralympic Games held in Chengdu in 2015. But he finally secured success thanks to excellent skills, winning overwhelming applause for his team, an excited Wu recalled.

In China, today, more and more visually impaired people enjoy increasing career options. Now, they can work as piano tuners, stenographers, visually impaired, internet service testers, coaches, and even lawyers, among others.

UFC Star Zhang Weili Primed for Title Shot! (22.8.2022)

Whereas Old China withdrew from the world and was retiring from all interaction – modern China is now strong and confident and ready to confront Western racism and take its rightful place at the international level of friendly competition! Chinese Socialist expertise possesses the power to overcome any and all prejudice and discrimination at the world level – where a perfected technique will alway overcome the corruption inherent within capitalism and the ignorance that system prefers to embed in its minions! Not so with China’s excellent MMA fighter – Zhang Weili – who will soon be given the chance to regain the title taken from her in nefarious circumstances a few years ago! I

Serbian People Take to the Streets in Support of Russia! (6.3.2022)

A new Neo-Nazi, pro-capitalist and pro-Europe dictatorship was created by a ‘Black’ man sat in a ‘Whitehouse’ – a man (Obama) whose people have been the victims of the very far-right ideology the Maidan thugs have upheld for eight-years now, and which has murdered between 13000-14000 people living in the Donbass area of East Ukraine – simply because these people choose to venerate their Soviet past and who prefer to be associated with Russia than the racism of West Europe!

Ukraine: We Must Be Honest About Our Own History – By Sergey Glebov (Сергей Глебов) [25.2.2016] 

Seven million of its citizens fought in the Red Army and in partisan detachments to restore independence and glory to their Ukraine. More than two thousand people became Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes twice and thrice. And their names still bear the streets and squares of Ukrainian cities and villages. And then these and other heroes recreated Ukraine from the ashes of the war. And it became, both in area, in industrial and scientific potentials, in terms of the level of education of the population, somewhere on a par, and somewhere it surpassed the first capitalist countries of Europe. And not every country in the world has an aviation and rocket and space industry! And Ukraine had. But it was then the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist (Ukrainian SSR) within the Soviet Union. Should this HISTORY be destroyed in order to become “part of Europe”?  

Red Flags Fly Again as Russian Troops ‘Liberate’ Ukraine from Western-backed ‘Neo-Nazi’ Junta! (26.2.2022)

The ‘Azovskoye’ region of Ukraine has been linked to the history of the ‘Azov Brigade’ – a Western-armed and funded neo-Nazi military Unit (that is part of the modern ‘Maidan’ Ukrainian Army) which has its historical roots in the Nazi German-inspired ‘Ukrainian National Army’ (UNA) of WWII – notorious for its ‘Catholic’ membership and extensive genocidal activities (and endless other crimes) committed against the men, women and children of the USSR!

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