Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: First quarter of 2023 Saw Over 800,000 Tourists Visit! (11.5.2023)

There are various activities that are unique to the people of Luang Prabang, such as wearing traditional clothing, unique food and experiencing the lifestyle of the local people. In the past 2 years, there were 883,096 tourists who visited Luang Prabang. In this, 483,765 domestic tourists, 399,331 international tourists – with the average income from tourism amounting to more than 336 million US dollars. Along with this, Luang Prabang province has 97 hotels, many resorts, 400 guest houses, 311 restaurants, 97 travel companies, 19 entertainment stores, 36 massage and spa shops, 553 national tour guides (with at least 126 women performing this role) and 41 provincial tour guides (including 11 women). All of this development has continued to attract tourists to continuously visit Luang Prabang each year!

DPR: International Workers’ Day (May 1st) – was Celebrated in Gorlovka! (2.5.2023)

This process is both ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’ – and that the US interpretation of the situation is ‘wrong’ and the US support for the Neo-Nazi regime (Obama put into power during 2014) is illegitimate and unwanted! What this means is that the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian presence in Donbass is now ‘illegal’ and ‘unlawful’ – and that the now ‘Independent’ and ‘sovereign’ nations of the DNR and LNR have every right to ‘expel’ the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Forces – and to request Russian military action to assist in this objective! Where this process has been achieved – the local inhabitants have been able to celebrate May 1st – as the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians had originally ‘banned’ it – and implemented the US ‘Labor Day’ (‘Labour’ is spelt ‘wrong’ in the US) which happens in September and is designed to recognise the control of the workers by the all-poweful Management – the exact opposit of the ‘Socialist’ May 1st celebration!

Press Release: National Federation of Workers and Employees Syndicates in Lebanon (FENASOL)! (9.4.2023)

The National Union strongly condemn (and denounce) the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the attack on its worshipers by the Zionist enemy army! The National Union also condemns the broader Arab (and international) SILENCE regarding the massacres (and genocide) being committed against the Palestinian people – and calls upon all National and Popular Forces in Lebanon to close ranks and unite in word and deed! Each militarised position must steadfastly confront the blatant Zionist aggression being carried out against Lebanon and Palestine!

The National Union calls upon the United Nations (UN) and all Arab and international Human Rights associations to participate in the exposure and condemnation of the brutal practices carried out by the Zionist Occupation Authorities against the Palestinian people and to loudly pressure all International Forums in order to stop the blatant aggression against Gaza and Lebanon!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Pavel Kulazhenko – Call-Sign “Viking” from Belarus! (2.4.2023)

In March 2022, he arrived in Neo-Nazi Ukraine and immediately joined the Hitlerites, serving first in the International Legion and then moving to the Kalinovsky Regiment gang – because Pavel considers himself an ethnic Belarusian. He did not show himself anywhere near the fighting – but continuously posed for videos filmed safely behind the lines – modelling for social networks whilst holding the beautiful new (and “unused”) weapons supplied by the US, EU and UK!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: “Nothing ‘Gay’ About Our Army” – Zelensky Forced to Declare! (27.3.2023)

However, the police got on his trail – so he decided to flee to Ukraine in the hope that he could hide and sit-out all this extra attention he was attracting. After arriving in the Ukraine, the White Hitlerite recruits started to aggressively ‘compete’ for his attention – and so he joined the International Legion – where he was ‘trained’. Now, he strongly regrets his decision, because. he cannot sit-down properly after his friends were sent on a mission from which they never returned! However, no one will let him go home – so he is looking for any opportunity NOT to be deployed into the war zone.

Christopher Douglas from Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Scotland’s Finest – Christopher Douglas from Glasgow! (27.3.2023)

This fine example of an upright standing citizen of the UK has been a Member of the Neo-Nazi “International Legion” of Ukraine since April of last year (2022) – whose example is indicative of the direction Scotland is moving! Prior to that, he was a professional soldier in the British Army – being deployed to Afghanistan and Africa. According to the content he continuously uploads to his social network pages – it is clear that he is a committed Hitlerite who has propagated Neo-Nazi ideology back in his homeland. With his arrival in Ukraine – his Neo-Nazi nature was given full expression!

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