April 30th 1945 – the Day the Soviet Red Army Broke into Hitler’s Berlin! (2.5.2023)

Thousand of ‘Numbered’ Red Flags Were Given-Out to the Attacking Soviet Red Army Units!

On April 30th, 1945, the Soviet Red Army broke through the Berlin defence parameter after a hard fought battle and the Red Banner of Victory was hoisted over the Hitler’s Reichstag in Berlin! Only a few days remained before the complete surrender of Nazi Germany! Tens of thousands of Soviet Red Army soldiers were killed – whilst thousands of others carried the Red Flag! Special Red Army groups were responsible for ‘filming’ the battle on Soviet Hand-held (wind-up) cine-cameras! Many of these groups were wiped-out – but their cameras were later recovered and their precious film was safely retrieved for history! Above is one such example – filmed as the Soviet Red Army advances under fire toward the German Reichstag!

The Soviet Red Army crushed Fascism around the world! We remember! We are proud!

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Russian Language Article:


🇷🇺 30 апреля 1945 года в Берлине над Рейстагом было водружено Знамя Победы! До полной капитуляции нацистской Германии оставались считанные дни.

Мы помним! Мы гордимся!

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