UK: International Conference on Friedrich Engels Held! (3.6.2023)

He said that Engels not only understood the division and opposition between humans and nature, but also explored the coordination and unity of humans and nature in practice, which has outstanding significance in today’s times and is an important guiding theory for Chinese modernization.

“This conference provides a platform for Chinese scholars to discuss with their foreign counterparts the common problems facing mankind and to provide Chinese wisdom to solve them,” he told Xinhua.

“As a Western politician, I can see that Marxism works and has made China great,” George Pippas, ex-mayor of Cambridge, said at the conference.

Pippas said he has visited China more than 20 times and was impressed by the high-speed railway technology, the high level of education, history and tradition blended beautifully with the political system, which are examples of how well Marxism works in China.

Soviet Red Banner Flags (1941-1945) Stolen by the Nazi Germans and Their Allies! (25.5.2023)

Simple – if the physical bodies of the Russians can be ‘destroyed’ through warfare – this (Jewish-Marxist) ‘taint’ is removed and society ‘purified’ – so that a new tomorrow can be constructed! He would then move ethnic German people into this newly conquered land and enjoy all the new ‘living space’, houses, food supplies and property, etc, such a victory would secure! This led to the war fought between the USSR and Nazi Germany (1941-1945) through which the Hitlerites sought to ‘eradicate’ the entire Slavic race! This conflict took place on what the Nazi Germans termed the Eastern Front – whilst for the Soviets – all the fighting took place in the West (indeed, where it is still happening today)! Capturing Soviet Red Flags was something of a national sport for the Hitlerites! Examples include those Red Flags captured by the Fascist Forces of the Axis Powers invading the USSR – including the Nazi Germans, the Fascist Italians, the Fascist Finns and the Fascist Romanians! This article remembers these ‘Red Banners of Human Freedom’!

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: 2nd Session – Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office – Held on May 4th, 2023! (7.5.2023)

These questions were strategic in nature and dealt with issues of the People’s Prosecutor’s Organization – such as the agreement on the Legal Consultation Room for use by the public and the evaluation of said Legal Consultation Room; Research and update the agreement of the Head of the Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office on the staff of prosecutors and assistants; Proposing the establishment of District People’s Prosecutor’s Office in Sekong Province and Attaphu Province; Evaluation of the implementation of the role, rights and duties of the District People’s Prosecutor’s Office by considering Pak Ngum District, with Vientiane Capital as a test site; The work of creating and updating legislation and manuals for writing statements in criminal and civil cases, instructions on monitoring and using 7 preventive measures; Evaluation reporting on the transition to the grassroots to encourage general monitoring work and the creation of a coordination mechanism between the local People’s Prosecutor’s Office and relevant parties and Preparing to host a 4-part conference on Judicial Proceedings.

Happy International Workers’ Day! (1.5.2023)

‘In approaching a problem a Marxist should see the whole as well as the parts. A frog in a well says, “The sky is no bigger than the mouth of the well.” That is untrue, for the sky is not just the size of the mouth of the well. If it said, “A part of the sky is the size of the mouth of a well”, that would be true, for it tallies with the facts!’

China: Internation Labour Day – May 1st – May – Day – Workers of the World UNITE! (1.5.2023)

Farmer Long Xianxing (R), 85, and his wife return home after work in Yajiao Village of Dongqi Town, Rong’an County, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, April 24, 2023. International Workers’ Day is observed annually on May 1 in China. The sight of every worker’s back prompts images related to effort, progress, practicality, as well as faith in the future. Every worker, no matter how ordinary, deserves a big applause for their every bit of hard work in making themselves a better person and the world a better place. (Xinhua/Huang Xiaobang)

Victor Lewis Smith – Smashing Things to Pieces! (28.2.2023) 

Although I find what he was doing a demonstration of the Britain I love – the natural left-wing ‘freedom of thought’ and ‘expression’ I was brought up with – I recently watched a a video of a young man in his twenties in the UK describe the ‘Gay Daleks’ sketch as being ‘fascist’! This reminds me of those deluded young people who think US hegemony (and EU bigotry) equal ‘Internationalism’ – and that totalitarian conformity (as decreed by the US system) represents the highest form of individual freedom! These lost souls carry flags featuring Che Guevara next to flags of the EU – and stupidly believe that they are being ‘Revolutionary’! Such people are unable to think for themselves and understand that Neo-Nazi Ukraine is the enemy, and that Russia is fighting these Hitleresque forces once again – sacrificing its people for the containment of fascism! Victor Lewis Smith may not have been a ‘Communist’ (who knows?) but at least he exercised his ‘freedom of thought’ and did not compromise!

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