Why is ‘Defender of the Fatherland Day’ – February 23rd – Important to Russians? By Konstantin Medvedev (Константин Медведев) – Russian Historical Society 

Twenty-four-hour ‘guardians’ of US foreign policy, US (White) hegemony and US neo-imperialism – that are paid to be forever vigilant – swoop on the offending ‘edit’ and delete it out of existence! Indeed, exactly the same situation exists regarding Soviet history and contemporary Russian affairs! All are misrepresented by this pseudo-historical approach fuelled by Wikipedia (which is designed to infiltrate and colonise the minds of the world’s youth as its pro-US anti-intellectualism is automatically translated into nearly every known language of the world)! Apart from the most banal of ‘facts’ Wikipedia simply cannot be trusted under its current regime. No wonder then, it is ‘banned’ in China and North Korea – despite the US running ‘zh.Wiki’ – which distorts genuine Chinese history, paints White Europeans as being the angelic ‘saviours’ of the barbaric and primitive Chinese people, and which is inherently ‘anti-Communist’!

Why Did Hitler Attack the USSR? Understand this and Why Russia Entered the Ukraine Becomes Clear! 

He has combatted and expelled (as far as possible) the most obvious examples of Neo-Nazism from the Russian interior (whilst curbing the excesses of religion), and has re-established the May 9th Victory Parade with Red Flags and pictures of Lenin! He has also re-established a Russian sense of ‘self’ within all this cultural pollution originating from the wholesale adopting of the Western capitalist ideology! It seems to me that his decision to enter the Ukraine and deal with the Western-backed Neo-Nazi regime operating there since 2014, is part and parcel of his ongoing policy of ‘purifying’ the Russian (Slavic) character, and it is interesting that when push came to shove, Vladimir Putin chose the side of anti-fascism and decided to take-on the Neo-Nazis rather than fall-back on keeping the Western powers ‘happy’ whilst the Slavic people suffer!  

Blond Hakka?

I think that given the right circumstances, any group of human-beings can migrate anywhere if they need or have to do it. After-all, a small group of homo sapiens left Africa around 140,000 years ago, and eventually populated the entire planet! I mention this because there are three issues of Hakka identity that are curious to me, 1) recurrence of blond hair throughout Hakka-Chinese populations, 2) Hakka women are equal to Hakka men, 3) Hakka women never had ‘bound’ feet.

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