Wales: Alex Davies – and the Cartoonish National Action! (1.6.2023)

This is Alex Davies – the then 27-year-old (born in 1995) originally from Swansea, (Wales) – who was charged with ‘Membership of an Outlawed Organisation’ in the UK – committing this offence between December 17th 2016 and September 27th 2017. Why would a young Welshman born in West Wales (during 1995) gravitate toward not just the political right-wing – but the political far-right! Although well-spoken – he never finished his University Degree – having been forced to leave the University of Warwick in 2014 (when 19-years old) following a national (British) newspaper revealing his name, address, history and picture into the public domain. National Action was ‘banned’ in the UK under the Terrorist Act (2000) on December 16th, 2016. The (proven) allegation was that Alex Davies (and others) continued to ‘conspire’ to ‘illegally’ meet behind-the-scenes!

Exposing the Far-Right ‘Active Club’ Mentality – Beware of the Fascist Myth of a White Utopia! (1.6.2023) 

Whilst infiltrating and exposing the far-right – I have been contacted by a few individuals who have told me that the contemporary Neo-Nazi movement encourages single young men to shave their heads (usually performing this task upon one another) and congregate in secretive ‘fitness’ clubs that on the surface focus upon weightlifting (bodybuilding) and martial arts (often with their tops off – ostensibly to display their Hitlerite tattoos) – but which are excuses for latent homosexual behaviour. Bear in mind that although the Neo-Nazi ideology is inherently homophobic – it mimics the decadent homosexuality as practiced by Hitler and his SS Officers (usually upon the bodies of unsuspecting recruits)! This is part of the physical and sexual grooming that the far-right participates within when polluting the mind and bodies of the British nation’s youth. Some of the more extreme contemporary ‘Waffen SS’ movements openly support paedophilia, bestiality and violence against women and children!

Israeli Group Urges US to Label UN Human Rights Council a ‘Hate Group’! (25.5.2023)

In a letter sent to Deborah Lipstadt, the US special envoy for antisemitism, Shurat HaDin said the UNHRC is an “inherently antisemitic organization” and that it is working to delegitimise Israel by “reviving the banner of ‘Zionism is racism’.”

“The UNHRC is deeply infected with antisemitism and should be regarded as one of the largest perpetrators of Jew hatred internationally,” the group argues in its letter.

“The agency’s obsession with Israel [and] the themes and motives that guide the UNHRC and its actions portray numerous indications of antisemitism according to the internationally accepted IHRA definition.”

Shurat Hadin also asked Lipstadt to open an investigation of the UN body to monitor its actions and “irrational targeting” of Israel.

Russia-Laotian Friendship Association: Remembering Soviet Red Airforce ‘Internationalist’ Spirit (1960-1973) – Confronting US Aggression in Southeast Asia! (23.5.2023)

Representatives of the Russian Federation (including Soviet Red Airforce ‘Veterans’) attended the solemn ‘Opening’ of a Monument (constructed in the capital City of the Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic) – Dedicated to the BRAVERY of the Soviet (Transport Aviation) Red Airforce Pilots – who took part in the hostilities throughout Indochina during the years of American military aggression which occurred between 1960-1973! This was a ‘PRIVATE’ occasion designed by the Laotian Government to express the Gratitude of the entire Laotian People to the Russian People (Past and Present) which took place on December 6th, 2022! This Monument will Officially be ‘Opened’ to the General Public in Vientiane City (Laos) on April 14th, 2023!

US: Police Officer Yvonne Wu – What the Western Media Fails to Explain! 

In the West this story is reported as a ‘fetish’ because all the women involved are a) ethnically ‘Chinese’ and b) ‘lesbian’ in sexual preference. These three women are not accorded the usual level of respect – or even derision – with which the LGBTQN+ community is usually treated, as they occupy a ‘peculiar’ category all of their own. Finally, what the Western media fails to convey is the fact that Yvonne Wu previously served in the US Army before joining the NYPD – and that she was known by her superiors to be suffering from ‘Depression’ and ‘PTSD’ – whilst still being entrusted with a loaded firearm on a daily basis!

Latvia: Red Partisan Memorial Destroyed by Neo-Nazis! (10.5.2023)

This particular Soviet Statue used to stand in the Latvian city of – Balvi – situated in the Latgale (Latgalia) area of Eastern Latvia (a Roman Catholic dominated-enclave controlled by the Vatican). It was part of a substantial Monument construction process carried-out by the post-WWII ‘Socialist’ government loyal to the USSR. The Soviet Red Army had ‘Liberated’ this country at great cost from the Nazi German Occupiers and their Latvian Collaborators! Part of this task of ‘Liberating’ the oppressed Latvian population fell upon the outstanding activities of the ‘Red Partisan’ Detachment – an ad hoc Marxist-Leninist formation that fought all-over Europe and within Asian territories during WWII – although in China this war began much earlier against Imperial Japan – during 1931! All that can be done is to ‘record’ these wonderful Monuments to Freedom – and when this new generation of Neo-Nazis are finally destroyed – those who carried-out these crimes can be bought to justice and these structures can be replaced with bigger and better representations dedicated to Huma Freedom!

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