My Job Application to ‘Asia-Plus’! (8.5.2023)

From 2012 Onward – the Obama Administration Laid the Foundations of Neo-Nazism Throughout Eastern Europe as Part of its Ongoing Aggression Toward Russia! This Involved the ‘Extending’ of US Propaganda Agencies into the Post-Soviet Space – Creating Entities like ‘Asia-Plus’ as an Adjunct to the Anti-Socialist ‘Radio Free Asia’, Etc. These ‘Racist’ Entities Are Often Funded by the US Far-Right Think Tank – ‘National Endowment of Democracy’!

I believe in US propaganda throughout Asia and the world! What do think – can I have a job Asia-Plus? I was thinking of a piece about how Tajikistan was a third world, feudalistic State before the USSR developed it over its 74 year history! The Americans like the idea because they see all non-White people as pre-modern inferiors. There was a very good article about this recently on VOA! Zionist Israel also hates non-Whites and they think it is a good idea! So you see I am suitably qualified to join you in your comfortable Office funded by US tax dollars!

The irony is that should the US-inspired Neo-Nazism you support spread out of Ukraine and into Central Asia – the Tajik people will be amongst its first victims! That is when you will finally pay the price of your treachery toward Russia – allegedly. I enjoyed your (above linked) article claiming that Russia’s attempts are preventing the infiltration of US-backed Neo-Nazis into their country (and thereby ‘protecting’ non-White from their influence) – is somehow an ‘attack’ on ALL Tajik people!

Of course, what you are NOT telling your audience is just how many ethnic Tajiks in Russia SUPPORT President Putin – and openly OPPOSE your editorial position – an anti-Russian position that was even ‘banned’ by the Tajik government – so repugnant did they find it! I am sure these differences in perceiving reality will not come between us – and prevent my snout from joining yours in the trough of plenty that is the endless flow of US dollars!