US (1981): When the Vietnam War was Fought in Texas! (20.5.2023)

In 1981, the Vietnamese Boat People who had arrived at the waters of Galveston Bay – were granted the legal right to be there – and to make a living by fishing in the area. Most Vietnamese people were shocked by the level of race-hate aimed at them by the average ‘White’ (and ‘Black’) American person! Where was this ‘accepting’ and ‘forgiving’ country that the ‘White’ Christian Missionaries had described whilst teaching that Vietnamese culture and religious practices were ‘inferior’ – and that a ‘land of plenty and mutual support’ awaited them in the West! The Vietnamese who had fallen for these lies soon found to their peril that ‘White’ America had every intention of staying ‘White’ by resisting, preventing and expelling ALL non-White immigration!

My Job Application to ‘Asia-Plus’! (8.5.2023)

Of course, what you are NOT telling your audience is just how many ethnic Tajiks in Russia SUPPORT President Putin – and openly OPPOSE your editorial position – an anti-Russian position that was even ‘banned’ by the Tajik government – so repugnant did they find it! I am sure these differences in perceiving reality will not come between us – and prevent my snout from joining yours in the trough of plenty that is the endless flow of US dollars!

How GG Allin Was Inspired by The Beatles! (26.4.2023) 

On the Jane Whitney (who?) Show – GG Allin gives a magnificent diatribe about overthrowing the Establishment and defying the Police – and then spoilt it all by stating that he ‘f’cks’ 16-year-old, 11 and 12-year-old ‘girls’ – and that they ‘like it’ and ‘volunteer’ for him to carry out this delinquent behaviour! During 1993 America – the time of Waco – the American audience just nervously ‘tittered’ when hearing this admittance of ‘paedophilia’ and ‘sexual assault’ – whilst the female Presenter simply rolls-on with her scripted Show! The main concern is not the supposed ages of the girls concerned – but rather the potential threat to his health through contracting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases!

The US Bucket List! (10.4.2023)

The routine ownership of fire-arms is ‘banned’ in most Western Europe countries! What is interesting is that the rebelling American government in the 1770s attempted to ‘militarise’ it’s British population against its rightful (elected) London government by overturning King Henry VIII’s (16th century) general ban on private weapon ownership. The King had dissolved the ownership of private armies as part of the dismantling of the feudal system and as a security against his fellow nobles launching an armed coup against his leadership! From that time onwards, the only military force allowed in the UK has been the British Army controlled by the Crown – and then after Cromwell (in the 17th century) Parliament. However, during the 18th century the British government was afraid of invasion by the French and for a time a law was in effect which allowed Local Militias to be formed – manned by the good and the well-off who could afford to pay for their own uniforms, pistols, muskets and training, etc. Interestingly, this law was active during the American War of Independence and it could be that the American rebels got the idea of arming their population from the British policy of preparing it’s homeland population to meet the threat of Napoleon.

Flag of the Northern Confederacy (1863-1865)

Is It Time for Donald Trump to Flee to Cuba? (5.4.2023) 

Many people attempting to escape US political persecution flee to Cuba! Indeed, this small ‘Socialist’ island situated adjacent to the US Mainland is one of the few places in the Western world that provides such a safe haven! Trump is undoubtedly being persecuted at this current time – to the same level that the America Bourgeois State usually oppresses its ordinary citizens – placing them in the one place where Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation does NOT legally run (and where modern ‘Slavery’ is openly practiced amongst the inmate population) – the highly lucrative (privatised) US Prison System! Is Trump heading to the very ‘legal’ slavery he fully endorsed, assisted and strengthened whilst he was ‘President’? Not to mention the endless line of ‘Federal’ inmates on Death Row that Trump had ‘rushed’ into their Sentences being carried-out at the sharp-end of a needle!

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