US Support for China’s War Against Japan

Of course, as soon the Chinese people chose Communism as part of their expression of democratic self-determination, the US resorted to ‘type’, and simply re-instated anti-Chinese racism throughout their nation – instead converting their former fascist enemy of the ‘Japanese’ into their ‘new’ best friend against China (and using similar pro-Japanese propaganda to convince a more or less ignorant population that the Japanese atrocities against the West and Asia nolonger mattered):

Why I Voted ‘Out’ of the EU

I, and millions of others voted ‘out’ in the EU Referendum – not because we agree with the arch racist Nigel Farage, but because we do not agree with him. We, the British people, reject the US and Nazi fascism of the EU, and the fascism of UKIP. It is ‘we’ the working people of Britain that will decide or future, and no one else. We have this right and we protected this right on June 23rd, 2016 by rejecting the EU.